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Fenners Red Chopper Top Dog at NC State Championship
Posted on 03/13/2013 in Beagles.

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Art Fenner of Mountain City, Tennessee took top honors at the North Carolina State Championship with his two-year-old male Fenners Red Chopper. Chopper is a product of Fenner's Top Chopper also owned by Fenner. A first place win in the registered category on Saturday followed by a second place Champion win in the Champion on Sunday paved the way for him being named the top dog at the hunt. The UKC congratulates Mr. Fenner and his Champion hound Chopper on a fantastic weekend at the North Carolina State Championship!

2013 NC State Hunt Champion - Fenners Red Chopper

Thanks to UKC Field Representative Jeff Stacy for providing the following report of the North Carolina State Championship. His report includes photos of each days category winners.

Report of the North Carolina State Championship
by Jeff Stacy

The North Carolina State Championship kicked off with a big crowd on hand Saturday morning. The club house was roaring with friends from five different states. When the deadline closed we had eight full casts of registered dogs and tons of spectators on most every cast. Scenting was very rough in the morning. The Winners Pack was sent to the field where once again scenting conditions were tough with some dogs taking minus. What was unique about this Winners Pack is the fact that we had four dogs from four different states. West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. The Tennessee dog - Fenner's Red Chopper - came out on top!

We had eleven dogs entered in the Bench Show. It was good to see at least 50 guests watching the show. The show judge James Jarrett got things started by giving direction on how he wanted the dogs gaited so he could judge their ground work. He then inspected each dog very close on the bench breaking it down to the last three dogs. In the end it was Davey Cornell and Chip being named the North Carolina Bench Show Champion for the second year in a row. This came under different judges. We also had a Kid’s Bench Show where all the kids got a trophy.

In the Champion Division we had seven casts heading to the woods with some very nice hounds in each cast. The running was better in the afternoon with every cast coming in with plus points. Of course I was the last cast to come back with my cast to the club. And everyone was curious about our score as I turned in the scorecard. When the Champion winner was announced John and Rowdy were all smiles and very excited that their score of 600+ held up to win Champions. By the way John; that was my spot you were running. Ha-ha!

Two casts of Grands took to the field with some of the best dogs around. Both casts came in with plus with Brian Campbell and Scamp beating out Coy Stacy and Thunder from the other cast. Those WV boys are on a hot streak with their hounds and are a great bunch of guys to hunt with. At the end of the day on Saturday the locals headed home, several out-of-towners stayed at the clubhouse while the others went back to their hotels.

Day two (Sunday) started again with a club house full of guests having a good time. We sent seven casts of registered dogs to the woods hoping that the running would be better than the previous morning. It didn't take long to see it was going to be another tough day for scenting. They were getting on rabbits quickly but the dogs just had a hard time running them resulting in many dogs taking a bunch of minus points. When we arrived back at the club the stories were very consistent in that everyone had a good time but the running was – not-so-good. The Registered Winners Pack had the Max dog out of West Virginia as the winner.

Nearing the end of the Championship we still had six casts of Champions and two casts of Grands heading to the field in the afternoon. Knowing that the morning had been bad scenting we were all anticipating and hoping for better running. The Grands didn't have any better luck with running as both casts came in with minus points. That left the field open for the Champions to bring back an overall state champion. All six casts came in with plus points and with me dragging in last again. Most of the hunters were still the hanging out and having a good time waiting for my cast's score. We had plus points but not enough to change anything from what had already been turned in. Greg and Molly were the Champion winners for day two.

Finally, all that was left was to crown the 2013 North Carolina State Hunt Champion. After all the scores were tallied the dog that would win the Championship was a two-day cast winner by the name of Fenner's Red Chopper owned by Art Fenner of Tennessee. I have known Art for 20 years and he was as happy as I have ever seen him. Although everyone was tired after a hard two day hunt we were all very tickled for Art and Chopper. This dog did a great job winning the Registered division on day one and then moving up to the Champions on day two.

I would like to thank all of the club members for a great job well done. It makes me proud to be a member of Randolph County Beagle Club. Thanks to all of the hunters that came from the six different states and gave us there support at the North Carolina State Championship.

Saturday Grand Winner - Campbells Hillbilly Skamp
owned by Brian Campbell and Kevin Weaver of Prichard, WV

Saturday Champion Winner - Lefevers Chain Rock Big Rowdy
owned by Mark Overcash of Troutman, NC

Saturday Registered Winners Pack - Fenners Red Chopper
owned by Art Fenner of Mountain City, TN

Bench Show Winner - GRCH 'PR' Sundown Little Bit of Chip
owned by David and Jovie Cornell of Vilas, NC

Sunday Champion Winner - Bakers Brush Bustin Molly
owned by Greg Baker of Winston-Salem, NC

Sunday Winners Pack - Hank Max
owned by Hank Gibson of Kermit, WV