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February 2014 Employee of the Month
Posted on 02/05/2014 from the home page.

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Vicki Rand
Editor, UKC Publications

In February of 2011, I was selected as the UKC Employee of the Month. There must be a pattern at work as I was again selected as Employee of the Month for February of 2014, which is humbling as well as honoring.

Not much has changed in three years. I have still been at UKC for “a long time” - since February of 1989, which makes it my 25th Anniversary! I find that so hard to believe! Currently, I am still Editor of the three UKC publications (COONHOUND BLOODLINES, BLOODLINES Dog Event News, and HUNTING RETRIEVER), and a member of the UKC Breed Standard Committee.

I enjoy working at UKC and have from my first day on the job. Every day is interesting, primarily because of our wonderful customers. I attend several UKC events each year, most recently the UKC Winter Classic in Batesville, Mississippi, where I worked at the bench show. That’s me on the left in the photo with fellow UKC staff member Melissa Mansfield, who has helped me with several bench shows, including Autumn Oaks. Not only does she keep me organized and help me announce the correct dogs, she is the one responsible for posting the results on the UKC website in real time! Last October, I was able to attend the Hunting Retriever Club Fall Grand in Iowa, where I was privileged to see so many highly trained and talented retrievers work.

I still have three Australian Shepherds, my breed of choice, as well as a couple American Pit Bull Terriers, and a Beagle and English Setter that I picked up along the way. You can never have too many dogs!

I am happy to be selected as Employee of the Month, but it couldn’t happen without the teamwork of my fellow employees. For that, I thank them all.