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Everything You Need To Know About The New UKC Winter Classic Location
Posted on 12/12/2012 in Coonhounds.

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Everything You Need To Know About The New UKC Winter Classic Location
First of a three part series

Facility and Parking

The Batesville Civic Center is very nice but don’t get the wrong impression… it’s not “fancy”. It is very much a coonhunter friendly facility; as it is designed to host a wide range of activities from rodeos to motocross racing. In other words, it’s not afraid of a little dirt. The concourse and stadium seating area is concrete and the arena floor will be dirt. But it won’t be dirty dirt; it will be packed and watered and should be very much like concrete and not dusty. The arena floor will basically be split into two areas: A stage will separate a bench show arena and a vendor / breed association area. The bench show arena will be tight against one end to take advantage of the stadium seating for show spectators; as well as serve us well for getting casts out each night.

The upper concourse is where you will enter the civic center from either the main entrance or a back entrance that leads out to the dog barn. On the main concourse will be the kitchen, the restrooms, the UKC office area and the Purina and Black Gold sponsor booths. There is also a meeting room available on the upper concourse which may in the future host seminars but is also available for breed association meetings, etc.

Speaking of the kitchen, this is very important… We must adhere to the civic center’s rule regarding food and drinks. No outside food or drinks may be brought into the civic center. This is something that they are very strict on and will be monitoring at the entrances. Food and drink is available in the civic center.

There will be parking all around the civic center. Much of the parking is a striped off parking lot. There will be plenty of parking around the outside of the lot to tie a dog out. There is plenty of room to air dogs out. Please use good judgement and always remember to clean up after your dog. It’s these general common sense issues that we need to keep in mind and remember this goes for all event locations. It’s simply being responsible. We cannot park on the maintained lawn. Please don’t tie dogs out to the small trees etc. that would be considered part of the landscaping. Again, just common sense.

Two specific groups will find it much easier to park in a certain area. Bench show participants will want to park on the south end of the arena. Vendors will want to park on the north end of the arena. This is a large facility and entrances are a long way apart. Trust me; if you are a vendor or bench show person, this will save you some walking.

There will be no sale or trading of dogs allowed on the grounds surrounding the Civic Center. For this purpose we have designated a huge dog barn. We are going to try to take more control of the negative side of dog trading that is associated with large coonhound events. Our goal is to have a staff member overseeing the grounds and parking area and also one overseeing the dog barn. They will be available to answer your questions and help to make sure that you have a great experience at the Winter Classic. Please watch for more details concerning the dog barn in another section of this preview.

Camping will be available on the grounds this year but it’s going to get much better in the next few years. Right now, there are electrical outlets that campers can plug into off the back side of the dog barn. I know what you’re thinking….dog barns are loud. That may be the case and it’s something to consider but also consider the fact that we are going to keep a little tighter control over the dog barn and I’m guessing the noise factor will not be as much of a factor as it is in a typical dog barn atmosphere. The good news is, the civic center already has funds budgeted for the addition of a camping area on the back side of the south parking lot. This will hopefully be completed in time for the 2014 Winter Classic.