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Posted on 02/21/2012 in DED News.

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KALAMAZOO, MI, Feb. 21, 2012

Event Managers are not new to UKC but have rolled nicely into our event development initiative. With the addition of our new Event Advocate program the two roles may be confusing so we have taken some time to point out the key differences.

What does an Event Manager Do?

An Event Manager is a person who facilitates a dog show/trial for a club.

What is the difference between the new Event Advocates and an Event Manager?

An Event Manager is someone approved by UKC who is eligible for a club to hire to do all or part of the process to hold a UKC event. Which duties they are hired for would be up to the club wanting to hire the Event Manager. An Event Manager is simply a resource available to clubs should they choose to use one.

An Event Advocate is someone approved and sent by UKC to provide guidance and assistance to a club. An Advocate mentors clubs on how to hold their own events.

Why use an Event Manager?

Using an Event Manager allows the event giving club to be sure that all UKC procedures and paperwork are done correctly and submitted on time. Club members are free to enter their own event without the responsibility of having to run the event itself. Clubs can also hold more events than what they are currently licensed for as well. If a club is only licensed for conformation, a performance event can be added if the Event Manager is licensed for that event; saving the club having to go through the entire licensing process or finding enough qualified people for the club to add a new event.

If our Club hires an Event Manager will the club still need to provide an Event Committee?

The Event Manager fills the role of the Event Secretary and the Event Chairperson. The club may provide additional people to the Event Manager which would carry with it the responsibilities of the Event Committee, but how many people and who would be needed would be decided by the Club and the Manager at the time the Manager’s services are contracted.

Will Clubs ever be required to hire an Event Manager?

Any club in good standing with the UKC will not be required to ever hire an Event Manager. Clubs who may be going through a probationary period or may have incurred disciplinary sanctions may be required to hire an Event Manager to be able to continue holding UKC events as they work toward being in good standing once more.

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