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ELIMINATOR to Kick Off National Chase
Posted on 02/14/2014 in Beagles.

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The Inaugural National All-Star Chase, sponsored by Nestle' Purina, will kick into action this weekend. At this point the 20 All-Age and the 10 Junior contenders are all starting off with a clean slate. Their finish in last year's standings matters nothing, except in the case of a few tiebreakers. It's anyone's game! The Chase's three event schedule will determine the National All-Star Chase Champion.

Each of the three events bring their own unique format to competition. The ELIMINATOR is an Elimination style event where all categories draw out together as one category. And contestants have the option to enter in the ELIMINATOR EAST (Mountain City, TN) or in the ELIMINATOR WEST (Vienna, MO). 10 Chase points are available to all preliminary round cast winners.

In March the series will move to NHBA Days in Holmesville, OH. This is a two-day event where all categories are drawn separately and there are a total of 20 Chase points available. Additionally, each day five category bonus points are available also.

The final leg of the Chase Series will be held in Coshocton, OH in conjunction with the UKC Hunting Beagle Nationals. The Nationals is an elimination style event also but where categories remain separated.

The United Kennel Club extends our well wishes to each of the following owners and their hounds in the 2014 National All-Star Chase!

In addition to a trophy, the recognition and prestige of winning the Chase the overall winners will receive the following, courtesy of Nestle' Purina.

All-Age National Champion
Purina Hunting Jacket (denoting winning dog)
12-month supply of Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Junior National Champion
Purina Hunting Jacket (denoting winning dog)
Six-Month supply of Purina Pro Plan Dog Food