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Posted on 02/13/2013 in Beagles.

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This weekend marks the spot for one of the first major events of the year for the UKC beagler. The ELIMINATOR is coming to the town of Howard, Ohio hosted by the local Backwoods Beagle Club.

The club has put forth a lot of effort in preparations for the ELIMINATOR. Some of which includes a significant prize package for its winners. It’s no secret that their pool of guides will have access to some of the best running grounds in the country. Stir in some good entry numbers and this recipe is sure to make for a grand event.

Club Officers; Brad Hanners, Josh Davis, Kelly Hanners along with their membership are thrilled with the opportunity to host the event. This is a motivated group that is ready to roll and show their participants a good time at the ELIMINATOR this weekend.

A special thanks to each of the following event sponsors for their support.

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