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December 2012 Employee of the Month
Posted on 12/06/2012 from the home page.

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Mike Berkey

Mike has been with the company a touch over 13 years. He has a master's degree in English and an undergrad in Anthropology. “It's been a weird career path, that's for sure.” As he recalls (it's been a while), he was hired in as a temp while working his way through grad school. It's a pretty cool place to work, so he stuck around. Mike manages the IT department. This means the internet, computers, servers, phones, anything that plugs into the wall or runs stuff on something that plugs into the wall. Mike’s favorite part of his job is a dead tie between the job's variety (he deals with something different every day) and the people we work with here.

He always had dogs when he was growing up, but that's about it. Working at UKC has been pretty educational. Mike really enjoys reading, computers, movies and physical fitness.

Mike thinks there's a great deal of room for growth for UKC. “Technology is heading in some interesting directions with the switch to mobile and tablet technology--it's going to be a challenge tapping into those changes.”