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Current Top Producing Alaskan Klee Kai Males
Posted on 08/08/2013 in Dog Events.

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Current Top Producing Alaskan Klee Kai Males
Current - The Current Top Producers list was compiled by the United Kennel Club using all data for progeny of these males whelped on or after January 1, 2004, and for that progeny’s UKC titles earned and processed from January 1, 2004 through April 12, 2013.

1. GRCH ‘PR’ Aliak’s Rogue Mocha Porter
Placement last year: 2
(GRCH Waco-Ebonorth Keno V. Aliak DNA-P x GRCH ‘PR’ Alaskai’s Nikiski V Aliak)
DOB March 24, 2006
Owner: Patricia Arnold
Number of Pups: 24
Titles Earned: CH 1, GRCH 5, UCD 2, UAGI 1, UAGII 1, URO1 3, ALCH 1, UWPCH 2, UWPV 2, CA 1
# Titles: 19

2. GRCH ‘PR’ Wiebelhusky’s Kipnuk Blue V.Aliak DNA-P
Placement last year: 1
(CH ‘PR’ Wiebelhusky’s Willow x ‘PR’ Wiebelhusky’s Cityanna)
DOB August 13, 2004
Owner: Karen E. Street
Number of Pups: 32
Titles Earned: CH 2, GRCH 5, UCD 1, UAGII 1, URO1 1, UROC 1, ALCH 2, UWPCH 1, UWPV 1, FO 1, CA 1
# Titles: 17

3. UWPCH GRCH ‘PR’ Aliak’s Lokstok N Smokn Delmar DNA-P
Placement last year: 3
(GRCH ‘PR’ Shalimar’s Karluk V. Aliak x ‘PR’ Waco’s Tatiana V. Aliana)
DOB February 10, 2006
Owners: Aprilfawn White & Chris Caster
Number of Pups: 57
Titles Earned: CH 7, UAGI 3
# Titles: 10

3. CH ‘PR’ Wildwest’s Trigger Of Alasco
Placement last year: 3
(CH ‘PR’ Jemira’s Docholliday O’ Wildwest x ‘PR’ Alasco’s Nomahmee Of K2)
DOB May 3, 2003
Owners: Suzanne or Larkin J. Bounds
Number of Pups: 64
Titles Earned: CH 5, GRCH 4, UWP 1
# Titles: 10

5. CH ‘PR’ Katiedid Skys The Limit DNA-P
Placement last year: 5
(‘PR’ Shawnee Tubbs Nakit Prarieco x CH ‘PR’ Klowa’s Raven Nakit Prairieco)
DOB March 25, 2001
Owners: Linda Solorio or Russell Otsuji
Number of Pups: 51
Titles Earned: CH 1, GRCH 8
# Titles: 9

6. GRCH ‘PR’ Aliak’s Savoonga Blu V Marissa
Placement last year: 9
(GRCH ‘PR’ Wiebelhusky’s Kipnuk Blue V.Aliak DNA-P x GRCH ‘PR’ Shalimar’s My Sweet Marisa)
DOB April 3, 2006
Owner: Shari Hebert
Number of Pups: 13
Titles Earned: CH 2, GRCH 1, UAGI 1, URO1 1, ALCH 1, ALGRCH 1, UWP 1
# Titles: 8

6. GRCH ‘PR’ Helderberg Harmony Widdershin DNA-VIP
Placement last year: 9
(CH ‘PR’ Helderberg’s Akataka DNA-P x GRCH ‘PR’ Helderberg Shumi’s Legacy DNA-P)
DOB April 22, 2000
Owners: Carol S. or Franklin M. Din
Number of Pups: 40
Titles Earned: CH 5, GRCH 3
# Titles: 8

6. GRCH ‘PR’ Bbcook’s Tuxedo
Placement last year: 7
(‘PR’ Alasco’s Bbcook Kobuk DNA-VIP x ‘PR’ Alasco’s Bbcook Naya)
DOB March 21, 2005
Owners: Bette M. or Tammy Cook
Number of Pups: 47
Titles Earned: CH 2, GRCH 5, UACH 1
# Titles: 8

6. CH ‘PR’ Wild West’s Wyatt Earp
Placement last year: 7
(CH ‘PR’ Jemira’s Docholliday O’ Wildwest x ‘PR’ Helderberg’s Li’l Orphan Annie)
DOB March 19, 2003
Owner: Shari Hebert
Number of Pups: 69
Titles Earned: CH 6, GRCH 2
# Titles: 8

6. GRCH ‘PR’ Heart O Texas Hondo Harmony
Placement last year: 9
(GRCH ‘PR’ Helderberg Harmony Widdershin DNA-VIP x GRCH ‘PR’ Widdershin’s Toe Tapping Tempo DNA-VIP)
DOB June 3, 2006
Owners: Barbara Williams or Mark Manley
Number of Pups: 104
Titles Earned: CH 4, GRCH 4
# Titles: 8

Title Legend
UAGI United Agility I
UAGII United Agility II
Altered Conformation
ALCH Altered Champion
ALGRCH Altered Grand Champion
CH Champion
GRCH Grand Champion
Dog Sports
This program is no longer offered.
FO Family Obedience
Lure Coursing
CA United Coursing Aptitude
UCD United Companion Dog
Rally Obedience
URO1 United Rally Obedience 1
UROC United Rally Obedience Champion
Weight Pull
UWP United Weight Puller
UWPCH United Weight Pull Champion
UWPV United Weight Pull Versatile

Questions regarding the Top Producers List may be e-mailed to topproducerslist@ukcdogs.com
This list originally appeared in the June 2013 issue of BLOODLINES Magazine, an official publication of the United Kennel Club, Inc.