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Club Probation Procedures
Posted on 02/21/2012 in DED News.

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KALAMAZOO, MI, Feb. 21, 2012

Through the many suggestions sent in several clubs were concerned that UKC did not have any sort of disciplinary procedures in place for clubs that repeatedly violated UKC rules and procedures. UKC has always had a probationary procedure for clubs hosting UKC events but with the new Event Advocate program and our Event Managers it gave us a great opportunity to fine tune some of these steps. Here is the entire procedure should a club be placed on probation by the UKC. Clubs will be notified well ahead of time if probation is being considered or is recommended. Event Advocates can recommend a club be placed on probation based on the report received by UKC after the event where the Advocate or Manager was sent. UKC will evaluate all circumstances surrounding the recommendation and make a decision independent of the Advocate’s report. It is our hope that no club will need to use this re-instatement procedure; however it is in place for any UKC clubs that are repeat offenders of UKC rules and event procedures.

Re-instatement procedure for clubs placed on probation.

1. Will only be approved to hold one event at a time after being placed on probation. (Multiple events on the same day will be considered “one event”).

2. The club must hire a UKC approved Event Manager to run that next event; club members are expected to work at the event and assist the Event Manager in all aspects of the show to ensure its success. The Event Manager will be hired at the expense of the club requesting re-instatement.

3. The primary reason for the Event Manager’s presence is not punitive; it is educational. Their objective is to help the club learn how to run an efficient and consistent event while maintaining and encouraging a friendly and pleasant environment. The club is expected to be receptive to the information presented by the Event Manager and assist the Event Manager with every aspect of conducting the show. If these goals are not met, the club will not be approved to hold any additional shows without hiring an Event Manager at their expense so their training may continue.

4. If a favorable report is received from either the Event Manager or if the UKC has sent an Event Advocate, the club may hold (one) weekend of shows without an Event Manager or Event Advocate in attendance. If the event paperwork is submitted in an orderly fashion and received by UKC on time for all aspects of scheduling and reporting, the club will be approved to hold another event.

5. If the club has no disciplinary procedures, reprimands or late paperwork for at least one year from the date of probation and remains free of problems, UKC will consider removing the club from probation and approving them to host future events.

6. If the club continues to be non-compliant, UKC will not license any events offered by the club unless or until the club makes arrangements to adhere strictly to all UKC rules and event procedures. Final approval for all and any of the club’s events will be at the sole discretion of the UKC President.

7. Should a club wish to become re-instated after their licensing has been revoked, they will be approved to do so but an Event Advocate must be sent to the first event at the expense of the club NOT the UKC. Based on the Event Advocate's report to UKC the club may be eligible to re-instate their licensing ability on a probationary basis.

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