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Club Alert!
Posted on 04/03/2014 in Coonhound Bloodlines Editor's Comments.

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Club Alert!
Vicki Rand

It’s time for our regular reminder to all UKC licensed clubs and associations to update their current list of officers every time an election is held. In many cases, this is done yearly, and the first duty of the new corresponding officer should be to send the list to UKC.

These updates should be done even if the officers have not changed, as some of their contact information may have. This includes phone numbers as well as email addresses. Many people have dropped their land lines and exclusively use their cell phones, but our records have not been updated. In addition, having everyone’s email addresses on file makes it easy to contact the club officers.

Not having the current list of officers has far-reaching effects, but the most serious relates to your events. When we receive an event confirmation, and the contact name on it is an officer who has not held that office for several years, or whose contact information is long out-of-date, unfortunately that is what is included in the Upcoming Events listing. If someone who is interested in additional information calls that number and gets a disconnected message, or is told by the person they reach that they are no longer an officer, they form a negative impression of the club, and may decide to not attend at all. Or they call UKC and want to know how to get a hold of the club, and all we can give them is what is on our records.

It is not unusual for CB to receive event ad information that includes someone who is not listed as an officer in our system. It is standard operating procedure for us to contact the advertiser/club, who then tells us that what we have on our records is outdated, many times by four or five years. I am not exaggerating when I say that this happens with at least one-third of the event ads we receive.

When sending in the annual list of officers, please include the name of the officer and the office they hold, as well as their current address, phone number and email address. This can be mailed to the UKC Hunting Events Department or emailed to hounds@ukcdogs.com or to any of the email addresses listed in the Hunting Events Department contact directory. Thanks!

This article originally appeared in the April 2014 issue of COONHOUND BLOODLINES.