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Blueticks VS. Treeing Walkers Battle of the Breeds
Posted on 12/13/2011 in Coonhounds.

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The Battle of the Breeds is a competitive yet friendly rivalry between two specific breeds of coonhounds, Blueticks and Treeing Walkers. The annual event held in Ada, Oklahoma is cosponsored by the Bluetick Breeders & Coon Hunters Association and the Southwest Treeing Walker Association with the goal to foster fairness, self control, uncomplaining acceptance of defeat and, most importantly, - friendship. Last weekends battle saw yet another fantastic turnout.
A special thanks to Kay Haley for providing the following results:

Overall Winner, Queen of Hunt, and recipient of the Billy Starns Memorial Award: Sauers Squaw, O- Fred Sauer, H-Marc Filmore

King of Hunt: NTCH Double Springs Echo II Again, O-H Troy Sheffield, also pictured Tyler Collins, Devin Ridgeway, Toby Collins

Recipient of the John Wade award: NTCH Crazy Little White Girl, O-Tony Domingez & Matt Anderson, H- Tony Domingez

Recipient of the Bus Thompson award: GRNTCH Pine Creek Blue Zip, O-Jimmy Don or Jonathon Nichols, H-Jonathon Nichols

King of Show and Grand Champion Male Saturday: GrCh Mears Finley River Thunder, O-H Lonnie L Mears

Queen of Show and Grand Champion Female Saturday: GrCh CCh Spanky’s Bow Chicky Bam Bam Girl, O-H Lory Galbreath

Friday, December 9, 2011
UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
MOH: Melvin Myers
Total Entered: 139

Grand Nite Champion:

1st: GRCH GRNITECH Night Rockin Brandy, O-Gary or Cheyenne Starns, H-Gary Starns

2nd: GRNITECH Gaines Blue Bell, O-H Kenny Gaines

3rd: GRNITECH White Oak Bottom Razor, O-H Brent Bowling

Nite Champion

1st: NTCH Double Springs Echo II Again, O-H Troy Sheffield, also Tyler Collins, Devin Ridgeway, Toby Collins

2nd: NTCH Deep Fork River Hardwood Jenny, O-Brad Devereaux, H-John Bob Dennis

3rd: NTCH CH Stillwater Farms Blue Image, O-H Tom Jennings


1st: CH Berry’s Superglue Hammer, O-H Carl Berry

2nd: Savers Squaw, O-Fred Sauer, H-Marc Gilmore

3rd: Guilliams Scout, O-H David Guilliam

4th: Flatwood’s Maybe, O-Jeff Williams or Cody Tyler, H-Jeff Williams

5th: Uchtmans Blue Kaylee, O-H Heuth Gatlin

6th: Handsome Lil Hooker, O-Gary Starns or Joe Nemecek, H-Cheyenne Starns

7th: Rackliffs OK Dry Creek Sadie, O-H Norman Rackliff

8th: Double Springs Echo IV, O-H Jeffery Bradford, also pictured Jody Goodson

9th: Millcreek Jacy, O-Bennie Boles, H-Justin Matchett

10th: GRCH Sheltons Star Trek, O-H Robert Shelton

UKC Licensed Bench Show Friday
BSJ: Jerry West
Total Entered: 41

Grand Champion Male: GrCh Cherry Creek Walnut Stinger, O-Sam Canaday, H-Frank Dooley

Grand Champion Female: GrCh Sheltons Star Trek, O-H Robert Shelton, also pictured Bob Shelton, Ed Mauney

Champion Male: Ch Table Rock Comanche Wrangler, O-H Jr. Lasseter

Champion Female: Ch Rockin W’s Blue Kahlua, O-Jody & Whitney Bray, H-Whitney Bray

BMOS: Starns Comanche Table Rock Edge, O-Cheyenne W or Gary D Starns, H-Cheyenne Starns

BFOS: Pruitts GG Baby Girl, O-Buck & Shannon Pruitt, H-Frank Dooley

Bluetick Coonhound: Class and Breed, Abbie, O-John Pace, H-Cathy Stephens

Dual Champions Friday Gr Nite Ch GrCh Nocturnal X, O-Darius Kohl, H-Brandon Hathaway

Saturday, December 10, 2011
UKC Licensed Hunt
MOH: John Foster
Total Entered: 162

Grand Nite Champion:

1st: GRNTCH Redferns Big Dollar Red, O-H Wayne Cline

2nd: GRNTCH Pine Creek Blue Zip, O-Jimmy Don or Jonathon Nichols, H-Jonathon Nichols

3rd: GRNTCH Valley Creek Tramp, O-Redgey & Wynell Ramsey, H- Mark MCCaskill

Nite Champion

1st: NTCH Crazy Little White Girl. O-Tony Dominguez & Matt Anderson, H-Tony Dominguez

2nd: NTCH White River Stylish Storm, O-Gentry Hunt or Jr. Lasseter, H-Jr. Lasseter

3rd: NTCH Ranks Stylish Rebel, O-William Oxford or Scott Garfield, H-Dusty Whatley


1st: Sauers Squaw, O-Fred Sauer, H-Marc Fillmore

2nd: Two Creeks Cookie, O-H David Kennedy

3rd: CH Smiths Leek Creek Heavy Duty, O-Johnny Smith, H-J.T. Smith

4th: Lost Creeks Blue Moon Shine, O-H Derek Hiatt

5th: Kiss of Death, O-Johnny Moreland, H-Jace Lewis

6th: Mc Cools Sooner Pride, O-Mike McCool, H-Wacey McDuffee

7th: Single Tree Liz’s Diamond Lil, O-Richard Edinger & David Warner

8th: CH Rogers Blue Scat, O-Adam Rogers or Gary Uchtman, H-Adam Rogers

9th: Rogers Blue Rebel, O-Adam & Edwin Rogers, H-Edwin Rogers

10th: Diamond W’s Jumpin Jack Flash, O-Dexter Whatley & Ray Anderson, H-Dexter Whatley, also pictured Dillon Anderson

UKC Licensed Bench Show
BSJ: Alan Kalal
Total Entered: 60

Grand Champion Male: (see King of Show)
Grand Champion Female: (see Queen of Show)

Champion Male: CH Starns Comanche Table Rock Edge, O-Cheyenne or Gary Starns, H-Cheyenne Starns

Champion Female: CH Stackem Up Lady Liberty, O-Tricia L Snedegar & Kandi Johnson, H-Kandi Johnson

BMOS: JW Comanche Table Rock Hckabee, O-C.T. Holekamp III, H-Jr. Lasseter

BFOS: Metsker’s Rock Creek Beets, O-Julie LuAnn Metsker, H-LuAnn Metsker

Bluetick Coonhound Junior Female: Rage, O-H LuAnn Metsker

English Coonhound Female Puppy: Rackliffs OK Dry Creek Sandy, O-H Norman Rackliff

Plott Hound Junior Female: Showtime Tiki, O-H LuAnn Metsker

Treeing Walker Senior Female and Breed Winner: CCH Stackem Ups Broadway Diva, O-Jessica Rentfro or Tricia Snedegar, H-Jessica Rentfro

Pairs Saturday
GRCH Little Walnut Jed’s Lil Simon, O-Sabrina & Buddy Ray, H-Buddy Ray
GRCH CCH Spanky’s Bow Chicky Bam Bam Girl, O-H Lory Galbreath

Dual Champions Saturday
GRCH GRNITECH Bubba Shot The Juke Box, O-H Jeff Tackett