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Black Gold 2000 Slam Series Warm Up Hunt Winners
Posted on 09/12/2011 in Coonhounds.

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The inaugural Black Gold 2000 Warm Up Slam events turned out to be a huge success at Autumn Oaks. A special thanks to John Allen, CEO of Black Gold Dog Food, for his generous donation of the $2,000.00 in added purse monies for these events. Thanks also to the Hannas Creek, Delaware and Wayne County Coon Clubs for hosting the events. To Slam Director and Master of Hounds Donnie Huber, thanks for all your hard work with the Slams. Well done! Last but not least, thanks to each of the hunters who participated in them. We look forward to making next years events even bigger and better!
The UKC congratulates Scott Croy of Ridgeville, Indiana with his English hound GRNITECH 'PR' Stylish Steele Shot - Recipient of the $500 bonus and Overall Winner of the Black Gold 2000!