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Basic Entry Guidelines
Posted on 11/09/2011 in Full Circle.

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These are some pretty basic guidelines that are easy for every club to follow. If they are followed, it will ensure that participants are getting treated as equals and that the playing field is level for everyone.
One of the simplest ways to keep things straight as far as guides and judges go is to have three separate containers for entry slips: one for guides, one for Judges, and another for the remainder of the entries within the category. This will help immensely when the entries close because the entry takers will not have to go back through all of the entries to get them sorted.

A simple announcement that the club is ready to start drawing out the casts should be made after the entries are closed at the advertised deadline time. The process of drawing the casts should never start before the entries are closed in accordance with the advertised entry deadline.

The club should then make sure that any license or permit number is clearly written on each scorecard if required by the state. Next, the club needs to make an official count of the number of entries within the category so that the number of three- and four-dog casts can be determined.

Once completed it is time to begin the drawing of the casts. Draw one of the hunting Judge’s entry slips to each scorecard. If a guide is needed for the cast, then draw a guide from the guide container and place it on the scorecard. When all of the scorecards have a hunting Judge and guide entry slip on them, turn the scorecards face down and shuffle them well. Then, after shuffling the remainder of the entries and turning them face down, draw two or three entry slips to fill out each cast. Again, you will have to pre-determine how many three- and four-dog casts you will have.

In the case of multiple entries, the following would apply. In the same manner as drawing the Hunting guide’s entry slips, owners having multiple entries will have their dogs drawn to separate casts, if possible. Place each of the multiple entries on a separate scorecard, turn the scorecards face down and shuffle them. Then, depending on whether it’s a three- or four-dog cast, draw two or three entry slips to fill out each cast.

Turning the entry slips and scorecards face down is a large contributor to making sure that the draw is random and impartial. Everyone who is participating deserves to have that feeling of reassurance when they enter their dog at your club’s next event, so if you need to make an adjustment to better things for all of those participating, then by all means make the changes and move on. Your club’s contribution to the betterment of the sport will be appreciated!