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BBCHA Spring Hunt Results
Posted on 03/22/2012 in Coonhounds.

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Results of the BBCHA Spring Hunt are in! This annual event is held each March at Ashland, Ohio. It's known to be one of the premier "Blue" events of the year and well supported with entries from many different states. The hunting in Ashland is at it's finest at this time of year which no doubt puts it on the "to do list" for so many Bluetick enthusiasts each year.
A special thanks to Jackie Carpenter for providing the following results and photos.

Thursday All Blue Hunt Winners

1st Place & High Scoring Female - Zoe, 500+

Chris Meinke, Amherst, OH

2nd Place & High Scoring Male - Will’s Creek Blaze, 200+

Jarrett Davis, Spragger, PA

3rd Place, Mattie, 200+

Bill Hubbard, London, OH

4th Place, Don't Call Me A Skank

Clay Lautzenhizer / Jimmie Yawn, Lake Panasoffkee, FL

Ashland BBCHA Spring Hunt & Show

UKC Friday Bench Show – 33 Dogs

Jim Jacque, Judge

Bluetick Females:

Puppy Class: Sheppards Northern Blue Dixie, Mike Sheppard/Alison Jarman, Paragon, TN

Junior Class and Breed: PR DD RVB Goodtime Diasy, Daniel Lancaster or Dennis Coffey, Argyle, WI

Senior Class: PR Don’t Call Me a Shank, ClaytonLauzhhiser, Jr,/Jimmie Yawn

Bluetick Males:

Puppy Class: PR Mellotts A Storms a Bruin, Larry Mellott, Sue Mellott

Senior Class, Breed & Show: PR Rebels Outlaw Little Man, Parry Edman/Jewel Edman, Centerburg, OH in picture, Ed Mauney, Daniel Lancaster, Dennis Coffey

English Females:

Puppy Class and Breed: PR I’m So Ugly I’m Cute, Jewel Edman/Parry Edman, Newark, OH

Plott Female:

Junior Class & Breed: PR Losey’s Fired Up Fern, AustonLosey, Centerburg, OH

Treeing Walker Female:

Class, Breed & Show: PR Reinhold’s Rock’in Stylish Sweetie, Rudolph F. Reinhold, Jr. Elyria, OH others in picture: R.J. Reinhold III, Rudy Reinhold, Sr. (3 Generations)

Treeing Walker Male:

Puppy Class and breed: PR Huff’s Hummel Valley Shorty, Terry L. Huff, New Philadelphia, OH

Champion Male:

Ch. Cherry Creek Night Stalker, Scott Houston, Also Larry Cisco

Champion Female:

Ch. PR Stine’s Blue Power Daisy Mae, Howard or Diann Stine, Irondale, OH

Gr. Ch. Male:

Gr.Ch. PR Stine’s Blue Power Hoss, Howard or Diann Stine, Irondale, OH

GRCH Female

N. Gr. Ch. Gr. Ch. PR Tulley’s Rock Hills Kayla, Lori Tully – Handled by Bob Tulley also in picture, Clayton Sturtz, Jamie Sturtz, Daniel Lancaster, Dennis Coffey, Tony Ford, Ed Mauney

UKC Friday Nite Hunt – 100 dogs

Tony Ford – Master of Hounds

1st Place PR Tug River Nocturnal Misty, 1025+ TW
Dale Weitzel/Mike Ringer, Greenwich, OH

2nd Place Hickory Hill Pride, 475+ TW
Oliver S. Close, Nova, OH

3rd Place PR Wipeout Total Outlaw – 350+ TW
Rick Dennison, Jedson Poole, West Salem, OH

4th Place PR Whetsone River Red Hot Son – 325+ Redbone
Steve Church, Courntey Church, Robbie Knipp, Galion, OH

5th Place PR Yoders Goodnews Drums Thunder – 125+ Bluetick
Mitchell Guthrie/Enos Yoder, In picture: Rich Embersole, Casey Frost

6th Place PR Wills Creek Legend – 75+ Bluetick
James Sturtz/Warren Sturtz, In picture4 – Clayton Sturtz, Bob Tully, Wayne Valentino
Wayne Valentino

7th Place PR Lockdown Dragon Fly – 50+ Bluetick
John Holbrook Michael Holbrook, Mackenzie Holbrook

1st Place Nite Ch: Nite Ch. PR Hardwood Holly, 275+ TW
Jeremy J. Lute/Richard Lute, Damion Shivers, Tuscarawas, OH

2nd Place Nite Ch: Nite Ch PR Lockdown Blue Zena - 225+ Bluetick
Mike Wheeler, Travis Holbrook, John Holdbrook, Mackenzie Holbrool, Fallsburg, OH

Gr. Nite Ch: Gr. Nite Ch. PR Hills Hardwood Demon - 250+ TW
Todd Hill, Aaron Weaver, Mitch Weaver, Matt Miller, Randolph, NY

Saturday Ashland Spring Hunt and Show

Bench Show – 31 dogs

John Hembree, Judge

Bluetick Males:

Bluetick Senior Class, Breed & Show: Will’s Creek Legend, Warren Sturts, Bob Tully, Dan Lancaster, Clayton Sturtz, Dennis Coffey, Jamie Sturtz, Ed Mauney

Bluetick Females:

Puppy Class: Pr Green’s Stingin Blue Bee Bee, Josh Green, handled by Kellie Haney

Junior Class and Breed: PR DD RVB Goodtime Daisey, Daniel H. Lancaster orDennis Coffey, Argle, WI

Senior Class: PR Don’t Call Me A Shank, Clayton Lautzehhiser or Jimmie Yawn, Handled by Jackie Carpenter

English Females:

Puppy Class and Breed: PR I’m So Ugly I’m Cute, Jewel Edman/Parry Edman, Newark, OH

Redbone Female:

Junior Class, Breed and Show: PR Tree Rizin Some Knda Wondeful, Rob & Katrina Childers, also Chris Convoy

Treeing Walker Female:

Puppy Class: PR Sheza Hell Raisin Gold Digger, Tim Walkowski, handled by Steve Reinhold

Champion Male:

Ch. PR Stine’s Blue Power All Jacked Up, Wes Stine and Diann Stine, Ironton, OH

Champion Female:

Ch. PR Utchman/EEE Suiox, Parry & Jewel Edman, Newark, OH

Gr. Ch. Male & King of Show

Gr. Ch. Maddog Psyco Hotwire, Robbie & Lisa Brooks, Wisconsin

Gr. Ch Female and Queen of Show:

CCH Gr. Ch PR Adelmay is a Smokey Bandit, Carmella Massard

Saturday Nite Hunt – 89 Dogs

Tony Ford, Master of Hounds

1st Place PR 7 Hill Maggie Rose 975+ TW
Tom McxQuate, Handled by Bradd Creveling

2nd Place & Queen of Hunt Faggans DB Coon Gettn Ginger 675+ Bluetick
David Beachy/Jeremy Fagans also in picture Matt Turner

3rd Place PR Hogback Big Jim 650+ English
Josh Boylan, Alex Boylan

4th Place PR Honey Creek Homer 525+ TW
Ryan Koch, Handled by Eric Baldridge

5th Place Eversole’s Blue Queenie 425+ Bluetick
Richerd Ebersole, Conway Ebersole

6th Place Boomer Tree Jammin Jake 425+ Bluetick
Terry Tucker, Ed Meade

7th Place Hardwood Sunrise Ruby 225+ TW
Larry Hawke/Napier

8th Place PR Risks Striken Tycoon 225+ TW
Rick Bernow

9th Place PR Wills Creek Blaze 50+ Bluetick
Jarrett Davis/ Warren Sturtz also Hunter Davis

10th Place Ch PR Coon Bustin White Stuff 25+ TW
Joe Culler/ Barbara Culler

1st Place Nite Ch. Nite Ch PR Sheppareds Nother Blue Abbie 362 ˝+ Bluetick
Michael Sheppard

2nd Place Nite Ch. Nite Ch. PR Clear Fork Valley Rusty Nail 350+ Redbone
James Hicks/Nathan Radcliff

Grand Nite Ch. & King of Hunt: Gr. Nite Ch. Mid Ohio Rattlin Sam 1237+ Bluetick
Bill Hubbard, in picture, Ryan Rose, Rob Rose