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Attention Michigan Dog Owners and Breeders! 
Posted on 12/10/2014 in DED News.

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HB 5095, the poorly written bill that adds “large scale breeders” to the current pet shop and shelter law, has passed the House and is now in the Senate Agriculture Committee. The bill defines “large scale breeders” as those with more than 15 intact females over 4 months old used for the primary purpose of breeding, but provides no exception for breeders/kennels with performance, hunting, show, or other purpose-bred dogs. Breeders that fall under this definition will have to become licensed under this bill and adhere to as-yet unwritten regulations and standards. 

Another major issue with this bill comes under the shelter regulations, where actual TITLE and OWNERSHIP of a dog is granted to a shelter once the holding period runs out. This is significant because even if the actual owner for whatever reason cannot find/claim the dog until after the hold period is up but can prove ownership, the shelter is under no obligation to return the dog at that point. 

While there are many good regulations for shelters (requiring health records and vaccinations for dogs imported from out of state) and pet shops, the bill unnecessarily and over-inclusively brings breeders into the pet shop and shelter law. Current cruelty and neglect laws carry more teeth against the bad actors this bill is intended for, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has neither the funding nor manpower to enforce it.

Please take action now and contact the members of the Senate Agriculture Committee
Committee Chair Sen Joe Hune: SenJHune@senate.michigan.gov, (517) 373-2420
Majority Vice Chair Sen Darwin Booher: 517-373-1725
Minority Vice Chair Sen Virgil Smith: (866) 348-6304
Sen Judy K Emmons: (517) 373-3760
Sen Geoff Hansen: SenGHansen@senate.michigan.gov, (517) 373-1635


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