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April 2013 Employee of the Month
Posted on 04/01/2013 from the home page.

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Laura DeMerell

Laura has worked at UKC for just under two years. Although she never competed in any events, Laura has wonderful memories of attending UKC’s PREMIER as a child, just for the fun of going. When she heard of a job opening at UKC through a friend, she seized the opportunity and applied. From the beginning of Laura’s time at UKC, she has been blown away by the community of her fellow workers — their diligence, their commitment to UKC, and their care for one another. She has come to see that UKC does not only strive to put on family friendly events — it is a family.

Laura is currently working in the Correspondence Department. For the most part, she fills her time writing letters and answering emails, but she also works on special projects and provides assistance in the Customer Service and Production Departments when needed. Laura has always loved helping others, which makes her position a perfect fit. Her work of letter-writing is in place specifically to help people understand how to resolve problems on their paperwork. She enjoys providing the means for people to get their paperwork registered as quickly as possible.

Laura grew up around dogs and absolutely loves them! Her experience with dogs is limited to pet/master interaction; however, she found that training her dog was very rewarding, both in the manners of her dog and the bond between them. As a teenager, she discovered the sweet disposition of collies, fell in love with them, and bought one with savings from a spring break job. Titus has been her faithful friend for almost 14 years now, and she is thankful for every day she continues to enjoy his company. She never entered Titus in any competitive events, but did let him burn off energy with some casual agility work in the backyard.

Laura has many interests to fill her spare time. Her favorite hobby is to perform in community theatre. Laura is musically inclined, playing piano, bass, a bit of banjo, and singing. She also enjoys dancing, reading, writing, running, and board games.

Laura is excited as she sees many improvements and positive steps forward taking place at UKC, from allowing up to four registrants on a dog’s Registration Certificate to the continued effort of UKC to keep purebred dogs healthy, happy, and “doing stuff”!