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American Redbone Days Thursday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 06/13/2014 in Coonhounds.

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American Redbone Days
Sponsored by the American Redbone Coonhound Association
Hosted by the East Richland Coonhunters Association
Olney, Illinois
June 12-14, 2014

UKC Licensed All-Redbone Nite Hunt
Thursday, June 12, 2014
MOH Paul Frederick
77 Entries

Nite Champion

1st: NITECH PR Huletts BT Rusty Red, owned and handled by Bobby Hulett of Vaiden, Mississippi, 450+

2nd & High Scoring Senior Handler: NITECH GRCH PR Johnson’s Copperhead Fred, owned and handled by John Johnson of Lottirop, Missouri, 425+


1st & High Scoring Male: PR Grimes lockdown Luke, owned and handled by Mike Grimes of London, Kentucky, 712 ˝+

2nd: GRCH PR Grandriver’s OK Apache kid, owned by Don Hicks and Marissa Turner of Ponca City, Oklahoma, 450+

3rd: PR Brushy Creek Ramblin Rosco, owned by Don Johnson of Mt Vernon, Illinois and handled by Randy Ficken, 325+

4th: PR Farrs Ramblin Red Dolly, owned by Rob Farr of Warsaw, Missouri and handled by Russell Beck, 237 ˝+

5th: PR Wilson’s Short Creek Icy Hot, owned by Logan Wilson or Brayden Akins of Crossville, Tennessee and handled by Logan, 225+

6th: CH PR Hastings Hollar Oak Dolly, owned and handled by Kenny Hastings of Flemington, Missouri, 200+

7th: PR Jims Red Buck, owned by James Fender of Sparta, North Carolina and handled by Mike Young, 200+

8th: Porters Rehead Hardwood Scar, owned and handled by William Porter Jr of Bloomington, Indiana, 200+

9th: PR Red Fever Fast and Furious, owned and handled by Zeb Holkesvik of Decorah, Iowa, 75+

10th: PR Pigeon River Moonlight Jenny, owned by Rodger Shabel of Decatur, Alabama and handled by Roger Gibson, 75+

Non-Licensed All-Redbone Fellowship Hunt
17 Entries

1st: CH GRNITCH PR KY Moonlight Woody, owned by Doug Moore, 675+

2nd: Feldman Brand River Tammy, owned by Bill Feldman, 350+

3rd: Tunks Smoking Annie, owned by LeRou Hodges, 225+

4th: GRNITECH PR Hutch’s Big Walnut Boone, owned by Jared or Keith Hutcheson, 225+

Non-Licensed All-Redbone Ladies Hunt
4 Entries

1st: Williams Still Doin Time, owned by Trista Williams, 400+

Non-Licensed All-Redbone Youth Hunt
3 Entries

1ST & High Scoring Female: Paige Murphy handled her own dog, PR Millcreeks Rockin Jesse, co-owned with Jeff Murphy, 450+