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American Redbone Days Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 06/16/2013 in Coonhounds.

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50th Annual American Redbone Days
June 13-15, 2013
Cuba, Missouri

UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
Saturday, June 15
MOH Emerson Roberts
56 Entries

Overall Redbone Days High Scoring Dog: NITECH FCH GRCH PR Red Ryders Red Fever Tater, owned by Aubrey or Ann Butler of Reedstown, WI and handled by Aubrey

Redbone Days Opposite Sex: PR Daugherty’s Red Fixin, owned and handled by Dean Daugherty of Marshall, IL

Nite Champion

1st & High Scoring Redbone Female Saturday Night: GRCH NITECH PR Wigland Creek Royal Flush, RED, owned and handled by Murrell Thomas of Russelville, KY, 425+

2nd & High Scoring Bluetick: NITECH PR Danny’s Blue River Ringo, BLU, owned and handled by Danny Noltkamper of Hendrix, OK, 375+


1st & High Scoring Redbone Male Saturday Night: PR Hank My Name is Bocephus, RED, owned and handled by Michael Tatum of Bolton, NC, 550+

2nd: PR Peels Burning River Rebel, RED, owned and handled by Brent Peel of LaFollette, TN, 350+

3rd & High Scoring English: PR Barker’s Loaded Six Shooter, ENG, owned and handled by Brandon Barker of Lebanon, MO, 200+

4th: PR Luningham’s Gumlog Red Sally, RED, owned andhandled by Todd Luningham of Russelville, AR, 150+
5th: PR Hannah’s Little Rose, B&T, owned and handled by Scott Rodden of Iberia, MO, 50+

Additional Breed Winners

High Scoring Treeing Walker: GRNITECH PR Insane X Convict, TW, owned by Lance Shockley of Loveland, CO and handled by Steve King