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American Redbone Days Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 06/15/2014 in Coonhounds.

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American Redbone Days
Sponsored by the American Redbone Association
Hosted by the East Richland Coonhunters Association
Olney, Illinois
June 12 -14, 2014

UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
Saturday, June 14, 2014
MOH Kevin Stocke
79 Entries

American Redbone Days Overall High Scoring Dog: CH GRNITCH PR KY Moonlight Woody, owned by Doug Moore

American Redbone Days Opposite Sex: GRCH GRNITECH Wigland Creek Royal Flush, owned by Murrell Thomas

Grand Nite Champion

1st: GRCH GRNITECH Wigland Creek Royal Flush, RED, owned by Murrell Thomas of Russellville, Kentucky and handled by Billy Carter, 500+

Nite Champion

1st: NITECH The Wicked Red Stag, ENG, owned by Gary Elliot of Alabama and handled by Tony Johnson, 675+

2nd & High Scoring Redbone Female Saturday Night: NITECH CH PR Steve-o and Chili’s Red Flow, RED, owned and handled by Darrin Gher of Paris, Illinois, 675+


1st & High Scoring Redbone Male Saturday Night: PR Jenneweins Doctor Feelgood, RED, owned and handled by Brian Jennewein of Cedar Hill, Missouri, 725+

2nd & High Scoring English: PR Wild Turman Creek Trouble, owned by Mark Goebel of Newton, Illinois and handled by Adam French, 450+

3rd: PR Kaylins Lexie Marie, RED owned by Kaylin & Kelly Knock of Elroy, Wisconsin and handled by Lisa Key, 187 1/2 +

4th: PR Brushy Creek Rockin Rosco, RD, owned by Don Johnson of Mt Vernon, Illinois and handled by Randy Ficken, 175+

5th & High Scoring Treeing Walker: PR Vincents Smokin Joe, TW, owned and handled by Chuck Vincent of Sumner, Illlinois, 175+

6th: GRCH PR Grandrivers OK Apache Kid, RED, owned by Marissa Turner and Don Hicks of Ponca City, Oklahoma, 150+

7th: PR Red Fever Fast and Furious, RED, owned and handled by Seb Holkesvik of Decorah, Iowa, 125+

8th: PR Backwater Motor Boatin Nellie, TW, owned by Squeak Hicks of Aurora, Missouri and handled by Irvin Hochstetler, 75+

High Scoring Black & Tan: NITECH PR Logans Ragin BLK Zane, owned by Walter Workman and Cody Burester

High Scoring Bluetick: GRNITECH CH PR Silcox’s Mtn Northern Blue Ike, owned by Mike Silcox

High Scoring Plott: Moses, owned by Josh Carey