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All - Star Series Report
Posted on 04/02/2013 in Beagles.

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All-Star Series Report
Allen Gingerich

Awesome Western Region
A recent trip to NHBA Days in Missouri eliminates any thoughts of this region not being right up there as maybe one of the toughest. Not only do they have some top hounds in that part of the country, they have some fantastic running grounds and as much or more game as any region. And trust me… to end up with a hound at the top in this region would be a serious challenge for any beagler from anywhere.

Not to be outdone by any hound in the country right now, Primetime Captain Awesome leads the charge for the Western Region with 90 points. His overall win at NHBA Days obviously played a significant role in his kick to the front of the field. A Grand win at the Missouri State Championship in February started this effort.

Mates in the Baker Kennel – Ackley and Pop A Top are both off to a great start this year. While each hound had a cast win at a Bonus Points Event, both are good examples of how a dog can also be competitive in this series with points earned in regular non-bonus points events.

Bailey’s Mack Beagle won the Iowa State Championship where he was a category winner on both days. This win was huge for him in making his mark at the top of the charts this month. A look down through the Western Region standings will suggest these four can’t stop now or they will be forced off the top of the charts in no time. The Western Region is chock full of possibilities.

No Chance for Michigan in the Midwest
The other day a friend commented that “the guys in Michigan have no chance to compete in the All-Star Series. Not when they have to compete in the same region with Indiana and Ohio”. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Of course that comment did not come from Eugene Kares of Michigan, whose hound – Brushbusting Lighting can be found at the very top of the Midwest Region standings this month. Champion wins on each day at the Wolverine Classic in Homer, Michigan were instrumental in her boost to the top this month.

A front runner from day one includes Indiana’s Sloppy Joe. He has been all the talk in local circles as of late and has certainly backed it up with his status in the All-Star series. He is currently tied for the lead after a stellar month of February where he won the Grand Division on four different occasions. Two of those included wins at the Wolverine Classic.

Rounding out our top four spots this month are two hounds from Illinois – Basic Equipment Rock and Fox Creek Butch. Neither hound was outperformed at the Illinois State Championship. Rock took top honors in the Registered category on both days and Butch did the same in the Champion category.

So where are these always-in-the-running Buckeye hounds that are supposed to be making this region such a challenge for the neighboring states? Well….before you count them out take a glance at those hounds just out of the top four. It looks like several truckloads of them are headed this way.

Red Chopper Tops List in the East
A superb two-day performance at the North Carolina State Championship catapulted Fenners Red Chopper all the way to the top of the Eastern Region standings. The two-year-old hound out of Tennessee was top dog in the Winners Pack on Saturday then backed it up with a Champion cast win on Sunday. Chopper now leads the All-Age division with 60 points bumping Money Man to now be tied for the number two spot after a stint at the top last month.

Big Rowdy also found the winners circle at the State Hunt on Saturday. The win quickly pushed him up the ladder in the series. Only a couple of cast wins separate these front runners from the rest of the field which should make for an exciting year in the east.

Rounding out the current Chase spots is Rambling On Preacher and Coal Miner’s Caddy who are both tied with 35 points each. There are a good number of hounds within easy striking distance of all current leaders in this region. With several Bonus Points Events coming up it will be interesting to watch to see how things shake out in this next month.

Mountain Region
The Weavers-Kevin and Paul-have not spared much in terms of windshield time and making a presence at the big hunts . They’ve probably put on as many or more miles as anyone so far this year. In February they had XDawg Gus and Hillbilly Skamp out in below freezing temps at the ELIMINATOR. A couple weeks later they were in North Carolina at the State Championship. A week later they were on the opposite side of the country in Missouri for NHBA Days. So far the result has been very good when it comes to the All-Star series. Both Gus and Skamp are currently at the top of the charts for the Mountain Region. Skamp is leading and Gus is second.

Two other familiar names join the Weavers at the top of the list – Hagy and Chapman Sr. Hagys Gizmo and XDawg Lefty share the 3rd and 4th spot tied with 45 points. Both hounds have each accumulated three category wins so far this year and are another good example that wins at the local club will add up. And that a hound can be competitive in this series without any wins at Bonus Points Events.

Redneck, Tank and Tebow Top Juniors
The Junior standings are a good way to see what young hounds are getting it done this year. They are the hounds that will remain to be less than two years of age at the end of the calendar year. The only other criteria is that they are also litter registered to be eligible for this part of the series.

Rambling Redneck out of Missouri is one of those young ones getting it done. He currently leads all Juniors with 50 points and is the leader in the Western Region. His credits include a category win at the Missouri State Championship and a cast win at NHBA Days. One of those rivaling Redneck for Western Region honors is Hurry Up Tebow, also out of Missouri. He also had a great showing at the State Hunt and NHBA Days. The difference for Redneck is the category win.

With four cast wins, including a category win this year, finds Firewater Tank atop the junior standings in the East with 45 points. His points come by way of four local club events where he boasts a cast win at each - one of which included his First Place and the title of HBCH. Tank will be a good one to watch the rest of the year. Unless the points earned so far will hold up throughout the year, any ambitions of him making the Chase will have to be done by way of wins in the Champion category.

Hammerdown Insane Cane and WallyTwoTimes are currently leading the junior charge in the Mountain Region. They each have a cast win this year with Cane carrying a slight edge courtesy of a First Place win. The surprise in the junior races right now might be the fact that the Midwest does not yet have any eligible young hound on the charts. Although that probably won’t last much longer considering all the young hounds that typically show up in that region.

The following update was compiled on April 1, 2013. It includes all reports received and processed on or before that date.