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AR State Youth Championship
Posted on 10/03/2011 in Coonhounds.

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The Garner Coonhunting Club in Garner, Arkansas played host to the AR State Youth Championship this past weekend. The following report comes from Ron Cooper of the Arkansas State Coonhunters Association.
The weather was great for the youth hunt. Garner did an excellent job putting on the show andáhunt. They had many prizes for the kids with all the food, drinksáand games free. The Association certainly appreciates all the hard work from the club in making this event a success.
Ron Cooper
ASCHA Sec/Treas.

2011 Youth Show and Hunt

Queen of Show and BOS Female

PR A&W’s City That Never Sleeps

Owner and Handler Amanda Cary

King of Show GRCH Male Nite Ch. Gr. Ch PR High Bawling Rambling Jack

owned by Corey s & Dumas Herring handled by Makalyn Bindick.

BOS Male PR Amanda Gail’s Tree Poppin Levi

owned and handled by Amanda Carey

Ch. Female PR Hayley’s Hurricane Squawl

owned by Randal or Aaron Smith handled by Abigail Morrison

Ch. Male Ch PR Randy’s Smokin Red Hot Jack

owned by Randal Smith handled by Carol Anne Smith

Gr. Ch. Female Gr. Ch. PR Vines Triple 13

owned and handled by Brett Vines

Treeing Contest winner Troy Kirkland with Merl. 124 barks a minute

1st Place and Arkansas State Night Hunt Winner Nite Ch PR Barnes Blazin Dixie

owned by Curtis King and handled by 12 year old Tyler Walker. 150+ points