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27th Annual Winter Classic Judges Announced
Posted on 11/22/2013 in Coonhounds.

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The UKC is pleased to announce the following individuals to serve as judges for the Bench Show at the Winter Classic in Batesville, Mississippi. The format for the show is one where it is one show ran off in two days. Friday classes include, Top Ten, Duals, Pairs and the Registered Category. Saturday show includes Champions and Grand Champions and selecting an overall winner. On Saturday there will also be a non-licensed Kids Bench Show between Champion and Grand Champion classes.

Lyndell Price is scheduled to judge all of
Friday’s classes at the UKC Winter Classic.

Born in the mountains of Southwest Virginia in 1949, I considered myself a very lucky person. As a kid in the summer I stayed on the creek bank fishing or swimming at our favorite swimming hole, then in the fall and winter in the mountains hunting with my brother. My first time coon hunting I was seven years old, and I went with my brother and Mr. W.L. (Willie) Davis. What a time it was; cold and rainy and Willie believed in hunting late. However, that night was the start of my coon hunting which I still love today.

During my teenage years I also enjoyed the competition side , which during that time Water Races was the big thing as Nite Hunts was only starting in this area. I was lucky enough to go with Willie to the second Grand American in Orangeburg, SC. That weekend Willie drew Spring Creek Smokey one night shortly after he had won the ACHA World; Mr. Jerry Angus was handling Smokey. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

After High School I was drafted into the ARMY where I spent my second year in Vietnam; the military time is the only time since I was 7 that I did not get to hunt. Shortly after I returned home I told Willie that I wanted to become a Show Judge, and since that time I have been extremely lucky to judge in most of the large shows that UKC holds. I judged the first Winter Classic, the first American Heritage, the first UKC World, I have since judged in four more UKC World’s, Autumn Oaks, the UKC Centennial, Orangeburg, English and Walker Days and many State Championships.

Connie and I have been married since 1974, we have 3 married sons, Chris and Christi, Christiansburg, VA; Shannon and Megan, Fort Collins, CO; and Mitch and Michelle, Dublin, VA; and 3 granddaughters; Ashland, Jordon, and Morgan.

In June 2010 I retired from Virginia Tech with 40 years of service. Since that time I have been living my life, long dream of coaching football. I am now into my fourth year as an assistant Varsity coach at a local county High School.

It has been a long time since that first Winter Classic show in Albany, GA, and I want to thank UKC for giving me the opportunity to judge again this year.

Cynthia Grooms will judge Saturday’s Champion and Grand Champion classes
and the Overall Winter Classic Bench Show Champion.

In the town of Rockingham NC, Cynthia Grooms lives with her pack of Bluetick Coonhounds. She credits her beginnings in coonhounds to a prior relationship where she got her first coonhound, a Redbone named Scarlett, at 6 weeks old. She began showing and then got bit by the bug. Scarlett finished to GRCH by 10 months old. Blueticks came into the picture via the same person a year later with the matriarch, Elvira. The Bluetick reign began with the help of John Earp and a breeding to his male, Trouble. The rest, they say, is history and after 12 years its still going strong.

Cynthia is a nurse by trade and works at a physician's office in the IT department supporting the clinic's computer charting system. She is the current Vice President of NC Coonhunters Association and helps with the annual state event. She is an active member and alternate BOD of the Richmond Co Coonhunters Club, which hosts the annual NC State Water Race. She is a member of both BBOA & BBCHA and secretary/treasurer of the American Bluetick Coonhound Association in AKC.

Some wins credited to Southern Flame Kennel include most recently, 2013 World Overall Bluetick Male, 2013 AO Overall Bred by Exhibitor winner GRCH Night Times Sexy and I Know It, co-owned with JD Atwell. Also 2013 Overall Stud Dog winner including Sexy's dad, Bandit and brother, Creetin, co-owned with Gerald Black. 2012 Autumn Oaks brought the best win ever, National Grand Champion with So. Flame Blame it on the Rain. Rain went on to win Bluetick Female at the 2012 World for the third year in a row. Cynthia has also won the Bluetick portion of the Purina race 3 times. Several state wins and breed wins have also come to SFK.
Cynthia has been involved in showing, hunting, and raising coonhounds for 12 years.

She got her bench show license in order to help her club and from there has gone on to judge several events. These include: NC, VA, and GA state championships, Grand American, NC Youth Championship,NC State BBOA youth championship, and many local events.

"As an exhibitor, breeder and a judge I feel that adherence to breed standards, as best as one can, is a cornerstone of creating and maintaining a hound that can be put to the test in both pleasure and competition and be able to withstand the rigorous regimen required to perform for years to come. I am honored to be considered and thrilled to have been asked to judge the Winter Classic. I look forward to seeing all of the hounds putting their best paw forward in what is sure to be an exciting time in Batesville, MS".