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2017 UKC Performance Pack State Race Rules
Posted on 12/14/2016 in Beagles.

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Performance Pack State Race Rules

The following rules pertain to the UKC Performance Pack State Races effective January 1, 2017. State Race points may be earned at those UKC Licensed Performance Pack events as outlined below. Additionally, bonus points are awarded at designated Bonus Points Events. Points may be earned January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Any UKC registered beagle is eligible to earn State Race points at UKC Licensed Performance Pack events. The dog is eligible to earn points in its respective category only (Registered, Champion or Grand Champion). After a dog has earned its Champion or Grand Champion degree it is no longer eligible to earn points in the previous category.

State Race Points Awarded
Points are awarded to dogs placing in the Registered, Champion and Grand Champion categories as follows:

st place 10 points (requires competition)
nd place 8 points (requires at least two plus point cast winners)
rd place 6 points (requires at least three plus point cast winners)
th place 4 points (requires at least four plus point cast winners)
5th place 2 points (requires at least five plus point cast winners)

General Information
State Race points are not available at events where all categories are drawn together. Dogs must place in the event and have competed in every eligible round to receive State Race points.

Double Points Events
Certain events, as pre-approved by UKC, are Double Points Events. State Race points are doubled at Double Points Events. Points may only be doubled if the event is approved by UKC and noted as a Double Points Event in the Upcoming Events Listing prior to the event being held. The UCE listing on the UKC website is the final authority.

State Designation Breakdown
Any state with a minimum of six (6) UKC Licensed Performance Pack events, scheduled by March 1st of the calendar year, will have their own state race. Otherwise, dogs registered to owner(s) in a state with less than six (6) licensed trials will compete in non-designated state against each other. A hound may earn State Race points in any state. The points earned are recorded to the state the dog is registered in.

New Owners (other side)
Any dog transferred (registered) to a new owner (sole signatory) in a different State prior to May 1st of the calendar will retain any points earned and are applied to the new region. Any dog transferred to a new owner in a different State on or after May 1st will retain its points earned and continue to compete in its original State for the remainder of the calendar year.

Recording Event Winners
Clubs must report the dog and owner information of all their event placements in all categories on a separate form that is included in the Event Packet. The State Race Report form must be completed by the Master of Hounds and included with the Event Report that is mailed to UKC.

State Race Winners
The hound earning the most points in its designated state at the end of the calendar year, and providing they have earned a minimum of 50 state race points, will be considered the 2017 State Race Champion. Those winners will be recognized and eligible for awards. The Performance Pack Awards Ceremony is held at the UKC Performance Pack Nationals. All State Race Champions will receive a bye in the first round of the National Runoff. High point dogs that have not earned a minimum of 50 points are not eligible for year-end awards or a bye in the first round of the National Runoff. See Runoff information provided below.

Ties, involving overall State Race winners only; will be broken as follows:
1) Dog with most cast wins.
2) Dog with most First-Place Wins.
3) Dog that earned the total points first.

UKC National Runoff
Any dog that finishes or that is tied for a Top 10 finish within their State at the end of the calendar year is eligible for the UKC National Runoff. Complete information is provided in an invitation letter to the owners of dogs that are qualified.

UKC State Race Standings
A list of the current standings of each State will be compiled and published each month in American Beagler. Those standings will be based on all event hunt reports processed on the date of the update. Additionally, the standings will be posted on the UKC website along with any promotional content.

Barred Individuals
If the registrant of a UKC-registered beagle is barred or suspended from UKC, he/she shall be ineligible to participate in the State Race program for the entire period of the barring or suspension. All points earned by a dog owned or co-owned by a person who is barred or suspended during any calendar year shall be forfeited. In the event such a dog is sold to an owner or co-owner who is eligible to participate in this program, the dog will remain ineligible to earn points until January 1 of the year following the suspension or barring of the previous owner(s).