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2017 Grand American Saturday Bench Show Results
Posted on 01/07/2017 in Coonhounds.

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January 6 & 7, 2017
Orangeburg, South Carolina
Bench Show
BSJ: Janet Davidson-Butcher
Total Entered: 127

Overall Winners

Overall Bench Show Winner/Overall Champion Male/Champion Treeing Walker Male: CH ‘PR’ Second Winds Makers Mark, owned Janis Hunter, handled by Jason Hunter.

Opposite Sex Bench Show Winner/Overall Grand Champion Female/Grand Champion American Black & Tan Female: GR CH ‘PR’ Impressive Mercedes, owned by Paul Fearneyhough, handled by Natalie Adkins.

Overall Grand Champion Male/American Black & Tan Champion Male: GR CH ‘PR’ Laurel Valley Doc Holiday HTX, B&T, owned by Dave or Kelly Myers, handled by Dave.

Overall Champion Female/American Leopard Hound Champion Female: CH ‘PR’ Fifty Shades of Grey, ALH, owned by Andi and Keith Emory, handled by Andi.

Grand Champion Breed Winners

American Leopard Hound Male: GR CH Thunderstruck Silver Nugget, owned by Haley Creasman, Effrem Creasman, handled by Haley.

Bluetick Male: NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Nite-Time’s Sexy and I know it, owned by J.D. Atwell, Cynthia Grooms, handled by Natalie Adkins.

Bluetick Female: GR CH ‘PR’ Rockin W’s Blue Lolly Pop, owned by Whitney Killough, handled by Darin Fackler.

English Male: CCH GR CH Whiskey River Peddler, owned and handled by Kenny Dameron.

English Female: GR CH ‘PR’ By Faith Joy Unspeakable, owned by Deborah I Long and Scarlett Overton, handled by Deborah.

Plott Male: GR CH ‘PR’ Melrose Mtn This is My Town, owned by Shane and Lisa Beddingfield, handled by Lisa.

Redbone Male: GR CH ‘PR’ Miramaxx’s Mtn. Drifter, owned by Stanley J Rosyski Jr, handled by Miranda K Rosyski.

Redbone Female: GR CH CCH ‘PR’ Twstdcrk Gntlmn, Start Your Engines, owned by Susan Della Perta and John Kochensparger, handled by Susan.

Treeing Walker Male: GR CH ‘PR’ Kentucky River Willie In Town, owned and handled by Lee Currens.

Treeing Walker Female: GR CH ‘PR’ Champs Backwoods Beauty Queen, owned by Danielle and Gary Champ, handled by Danielle.
Champion Breed Winners

American Black & Tan Male: CH ‘PR’ Dach Lair’s I’m A Grinch II, owned by David Birdsall, handled by Chirpie Birdsall.

American Leopard Hound Male: CH TBK’s Talk A Blue Streak, owned by Megan Biery, Miles Biery, handled by Megan.

Bluetick Male: CH Psyco Blu Spyder, owned by Lisa Brooks, Robbie Brooks, handled by Lisa.

Bluetick Female: CH ‘PR’ Sandmans Tree Blazin Eye Candy, owned by Katie Millwood, Phill Sands, Jonathan Millwood, handled by Katie.

English Male: CH ‘PR’ Duncan Creek KY Shiner, owned by Kelli Dawson, Joshua Dawson, handled by Kelli.

English Female: CH ‘PR’ Will’s Mt. Katie-Did, owned by Bruce, Autumn, Amelia Beland, handled by Amelia.

Plott Female: CH ‘PR’ Romeo’s Breaking Bad, owned and handled by Darin Fackler.

Redbone Male: CH ‘PR’ BLK Knights Jags Twisted Hans, owned by Deborah Crump, Mary Bergbauer, handled by Mary.

Redbone Female: CH ‘PR’ American Sunset A.K.A Sweet Pea, owned by Wyatt Fackler, handled by Jamie Criger.

Treeing Walker Female: CH ‘PR’ W. FK. River Trouble In Paradise, owned and handled by Melinda Hicks.