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2017 Grand American Friday Bench Show Results
Posted on 01/06/2017 in Coonhounds.

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January 6 & 7, 2017
Orangeburg, South Carolina
Bench Show
Bench Show Judge: Joseph D'Arco

Best Male of Show
‘PR’ Wythe Views Born to Boogie, TW, owned by Aaron Gunter, Eddie Gunter, handled by Aaron.

Best Female Of Show
'PR' Laurel Valley Bittersweet Pay Back, TW, owned by Kelly Myers, handled by Cheryl Douglas.

American Black & Tan Coonhound

Puppy Male/BMOB: 'PR' Cherokee Night Warrior, owned by Francis White, handled by Quinton Brown.

Puppy Female: ‘PR’ Cherokee Morning Star, owned and handled by Cassandra Lyn Kase.

Junior Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ Melrose Mtn Lead Me Home, owned and handled by Lisa Beddingfield.

American Leopard Hound

Puppy Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ TBK's Tree Toppin Sole, owned by Megan Biery or Miles Biery, handled by Megan.

Junior Male: ‘PR’ TBK's Say My Name, owned by Adena Fussnecker or Megan Biery, handled by Miles Biery.

Senior Male: 'PR' Thunderstruck A Touch of Faith, owned by Jeff and Amanda Sutton, handled by Haley Creasman.

Junior Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ TBK's Patches of Indigo, owned by Adena Fussnecker or Megan Biery, handled by Megan Biery.

Senior Female: ‘PR’ Skibo Branch Flly May, owned by Deyo Southerland or Charles Southerland, handled by Deyo.

Bluetick Coonhound

Junior Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ Grays Branch Blue Tiny Tim, owned and handled by William Toomey.
Senior Male: ‘PR’ Legend's King of Hearts JCS, owned by Cydne Clark, handled by Jaclyn Smith.
Puppy Female: ‘PR’ Bottoms up Bootsie, owned and handled by Nicole Myrkle.
Senior Female/BMOB: 'PR' Psyco's Concealed Carrie, owned by Lisa or Robbie Brooks, handled by Savanna Brooks.

English Coonhound

Puppy Male: ‘PR’ Thunderstruck Hell on Wheels, owned by Haley and Cheryl Creasman, handled by Haley.

Senior Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ Potecasi's Howling Hank, owned and handled by Jeremy Canady.

Puppy Female: ‘PR’ Emory's Hardtime oh Josephine, owned by Keith and Andi Emory, handled by Andi.

Junior Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ Flat Rocks Scoopn Up Daisies, owned by Shane & Lisa Beddingfield, handled by Lisa.

Plott Coonhound

Puppy Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ Lady Blue Belle, owned and handled by Quinton Brown.

Junior Female: ‘PR’ Carolina Foothills Kasey, owned and handled by Travis L. Bumgarner.

Redbone Coonhound

Junior Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ Vindicated American, owned by Jamie Crigger or Darin Fackler, handled by Jamie.

Senior Male: ‘PR’ Stone Nickel Right To Beararms, owned by Mary and Rodney Bergbauer, handled by Mary.

Puppy Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ Sidearm for Liberty and Justice, owned and handled by Ginger Smith.

Senior Female: ‘PR’ Grandrivers You'll Think Of Me, owned by Marissa Turner and Jeff Woods, handled by Jamie Crigger.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Puppy Male: ‘PR’ Makin Music Mr. Misunderstood, owned by Angela Carpenter, handled by Katie Millwood.

Senior Male: ‘PR’ Carolina Chrome, owned and handled by Cleo Bowers.

Puppy Female: ‘PR’ West Fork River Cindy Lu, owned by Melinda Hicks or Justin Nicholas, handled by Melinda.

Senior Female: ‘PR’ B and R's Just Call Me Elle, owned by Cleo Bowers, handled by Natalie Adkins.
Dual Champions
Total Entered: 11

Overall Dual Champion/Dual Champion Bluetick Male

NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Nite Times Sexy & I Know It, owned by J D Atwell or Cynthia Grooms, handled by Natalie Adkins.

Opposite Sex Dual Champion/Dual Champion Treeing Walker Female
GR CH NITE CH 'PR' Night Heat Molly HTX, owned by Eddie Snyder, handled by Kenny Dameron.

Dual Champion American Black & Tan Male: NITE CH GR WCH CH 'PR' Raw Dawgs Batmans Joker, owned and handled by William Anderson.

Dual Champion English Coonhound Male: NITE CH GR CH 'PR' Bear Branch Dawson, owned by Michael Seets or Ronnie Harlin, handled by Michael.

Dual Champion English Coonhound Female: NITE CH CH 'PR' Potecasi's Slammin Blue Sam, owned and handled by Jeremy Canady.

Dual Champion Redbone Coonhound Female: NITE CH CH ‘PR’ Miss Molly, owned and handled by Doyal Anderson.

Dual Champion Treeing Walker Male: GR NITE CH GR CH 'PR' C&J's Walkin on Edge, owned by Payton Farmer or Crystal Farmer handled by Victoria.
Total Pairs Entered: 17

Overall Pairs Winners/Treeing Walker Coonhound: CH 'PR' Ben's Creek Southern Boy, owned and handled by John Boyter; 'PR' Ben's Creek Southern Wonder Kat, owned by John Boyter, handled by Meredith Henderson.

American Black & Tan Coonhound: GR CH 'PR' Laurel Valley Doc Holiday HTX, owned by Dave or Kelly Myers, handled by Dave; GR CH 'PR' Briar Valley Crazy Lady, owned by Dave Myers or Corey Miller, handled by Corey.

American Leopard Hound: WSHOWCH CCH GR CH Elburn's Indigo, owned Curtis Elburn, Adena Fussnecker, handled by Haley Creasman; 'PR' Thunderstruck H&A's Indigo Sky, owned by Adena Fussnecker, Haley Creasman, handled by Victoria Caughman.

Bluetick Coonhound: ‘PR’ Legacy Legends King of Hearts JCS, owned by Cyd Clark, handled by Jaclyn Smith; WSHOWCH CCH CH 'PR' Rockin W's Blue Glamer Girl, owned by Whitney Killough, handled by Cydne Clark.

English Coonhound: CCH GR CH 'PR' Whiskey River Peddler, owned by Kenny Dameron, handled by Misty Hinson; CH Whiskey River Fancy, owned and handled by Kenny Dameron.

Redbone Coonhound: CCH CH ‘PR’ No Rhyme Or Reason, owned by Shane Tipton or Jamie Crigger, handled by Jamie; GR CH CCH ‘PR’ Twstdcrk Gntlmn, Star your Engns, owned by Susan Della Pueta and John Kochersparger, handled by Susan.