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2017 All-Star Series Bonus Points Events
Posted on 12/14/2016 in Beagles.

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The following events have been approved as All-Star Bonus Points Events for 2017. The dates shown are considered as tentative and may change. Please refer to the Upcoming Events listing in American Beagler or the Official Upcoming Listing on the UKC website to confirm the date, deadlines and fees.


UKC All-Star Series Rules

The following rules pertain to the UKC All-Star Series effective January 1, 2017. All-Star Series points may be earned at those UKC Licensed Hunting Beagle Format events as outlined below. Additionally, bonus points are awarded at designated Bonus Points Events. Points may be earned January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Dogs eligible to earn All-Star points at any UKC Licensed Hunting Beagle events, are those that come from a UKC registered litter and are permanently registered. Dogs will compete in All-Age or the Junior division, based on their age. Dogs that are two years of age or older during the calendar year will compete in the All-Age division. Dogs that are less than two years of age on December 31st of the calendar year will compete in the Junior division.

All-Star Points Awarded
Cast win = 10 points (Must have total score of plus points).
Category win = 5 points (A minimum of nine entries are required in the category). Note: In the event of a coin flip to determine 1st Place, category points will not be awarded.

General Information
Cast win points are awarded to first round cast winners at Elimination Style events. Dogs must compete in every eligible subsequent round cast to receive credit for their preliminary cast win. Additional cast win points are not available in a Winners Pack. Providing the criteria of nine dogs entered is met; the cast winner of a Winners Pack will receive category points only. Category points are not available at events where all categories are drawn together. Single registered dogs are not eligible to earn All-Star points.

Bonus Points Events
Certain major events, as pre-approved and designated by the United Kennel Club, are considered Bonus Points Events. All-Star points are doubled at Bonus Points Events. Pre-approved events are listed on the UKC website. Points may only be doubled if the event is noted as a Bonus Points Event in the Upcoming Events Listing. The UCE on the UKC website is the final authority.

Regional Breakdown
The UKC All-Star Series is broken down in four regions across the United States. A hound may earn points in any state or region. The points they earn are recorded within the region they are registered in. The states represented in each region are as follows: Note: Dogs registered to a state not listed are designated to a region by UKC.

    1. Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas (Western Region)
    2. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio (Midwest Region)
    3. Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia (Central Region)
    4. New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina (Eastern Region)
    New Owners
    Any dog transferred (registered) to a new owner (sole signatory) in a different region prior to May 1st of the calendar will retain any points earned and are applied to the new region. Any dog transferred to a new owner in a different region on or after May 1st will retain its points earned and continue to compete in its original region for the remainder of the calendar year.

    Recording Event Winners
    Clubs must report the dog and owner information of all cast winners in all categories of their event on a separate form that is included in the Event Packet.

    Regional Winners
    The hound earning the most points at the end of the year will be considered the All-Star Regional Champion for its designated region. Those winners will be recognized and eligible for awards at the following years All-Star Series Awards Ceremony, held at the UKC Hunting Beagle Nationals.

    In the event of a tie in the final standings of the All-Star Series, they will be broken as follows:
      1. The dog with the most bonus point category wins.
      2. The dog with the most category wins.
      3. The dog that earned points in the most different states.
      4. The dog that earned the points first.

    UKC All-Star Series Standings
    A list of the current standings of each region are posted on the UKC website and published in American Beagler magazine each month. Monthly standings are based on those event hunt reports processed on the date of the update.

    Barred Individuals
    If the registrant of a UKC-registered beagle is barred or suspended from UKC, he/she shall be ineligible to participate in the All-Star Series for the entire period of the barring or suspension. All points earned by a dog owned or co-owned by a person who is barred or suspended during any calendar year shall be forfeited. In the event such a dog is sold to an owner or co-owner who is eligible to participate in this program, the dog will remain ineligible to earn points until January 1 of the year following the suspension or barring of the previous owner(s).