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2016 UKC World Championship Top 20 & Nite Hunt Awards
Posted on 09/24/2016 in Coonhounds.

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Final Four:

GRNITECH'PR'Handome Tucker, TW, F, Nick Brady/Phil Peterson, Buckhannon, WV.
GRNITECH'PR'Westrick's Wipeout Zoom, TW, M, Jordan M Westrick, Defiance, OH
NITECH'PR'Lone Pine Biffy Sue, TW, F, Dale Montgomery/Randy Smith, Kittanning, PA
GRNITECH'PR' Clean's Swamp Blaster, TW, M, Bryan Whitted/Jody Jessup/Michael Thomas, Huntington, IN

5th: GRNITCH’PR’Coffmans Smokin Red Buck, RED, M, owned and handled by Mike Young, Corryton, TN. Buck was also the UKC High Scoring Redbone and the American and National Redbone Coonhound Association High Scoring Male.

6th: GRCH GRNITECH’PR’Ryals Long Creek Boone, TW, M, owned by Billy Ryals/Gaylan Ryals, Winona, MS, and handled by Billy Ryals,

7th: GRCH GRNITECH’PR’Book Em Danno, RED, M, owned by Kasey Dooly/Kenneth Dooly, Minden, LA, and handled by Kasey Dooly.

8th: GRNITECH GRCH’PR’Cedarbrook Kerri HTX, TW, F, owned by Todd Roberts, Rhinelander, WI, and handled by Jamie Swan.

9th: GRNITECH’PR’Too Much Chaos, TW, M, owned and handled by Jonathon Moses/Walter Hickman, Madisonville, TN

10th: GRNITECH’PR’Prairie Creek Blue Botox, BLU, M, owned and handled by Jason Schulte, Walford, IA. Botox was the High Scoring Bluetick, and the Bluetick Breeders of America and Bluetick Breeders and Coonhunters Association High Scoring Bluetick Male.

11th: CH GRNITECH’PR’Red Ruby Hardtime Crow, ENG, M, owned by Seth A Isch/Shawn Isch, Decatur, IN, and handled by Shawn Isch. Crow was also High Scoring English and United English Breeders & Fanciers Association High Scoring Male.

12th: GRNITECH’PR’Spiderbranch Ol Rusty, ENG, M, owned and handled by Clayton Smith, Jasper, AR.

13th: GRINITECH GRCH’PR’Bear Creek Super Salley, B&T, F, owned and handled by Phillip D Herron/Kevin Herron, Marianna, AR, and handled by Michael Wilson. Salley was High Scoring Black & Tan, and American Black & Tan Coonhound Association Black & Tan Female.

14th: GRNITECH’PR’Smith & Strangs Lone Pine M$ Baby, TW, F, owned by Randy Smith/Tom Strang, Kittanning, PA, and handled by Randy Smith.

15th: GRCH GRNITECH’PR’Redneck Backwoods Shack, TW, M, owned and handled by Cheyenne Cummings, Seneca, MO

16th: GRNITECH’PR’Yadkin River Jocee, TW, F, owned by Jeff Jackson/Barbara Jackson, Marion, IN, and handled by Jeff Jackson.

17th: NITECH’PR’Rock’s Little Jane, TW, F, owned by Zach Thomas, Runnells, IA, and handled by Joey Jones.

18th: ‘PR’Pro Bait, TW, F, owned by Greg Minkler/Delvin Reed/Rob Epperson, Oswego, KS, handled by George Major.

19th: NITECH’PR’Muscleman’s Nellie, TW, F, owned by Josh Walling/Stefan Lab, Magnolia, OH, handled by Stefan Lab.

20th: ‘PR’ Wooty’s Big EZ, TW, M, owned by by Stacey Wooten/Steve Eavenson, Purvis, MS, handled by Stacey Wooten.

Additional High Scoring Dogs:

American Black & Tan Coon Hound Association High Scoring Male: GRNITECH GRCH'PR' Gilman's Ky Rebel, owned by David Gilman, Fieldon, IL, handled by Misty Yarrington.

Bluetick Breeders & Coon Hunters Association High Scoring Female: NITECH'PR' Harvey's Scoutin Lady, owned by Forest Harvey Jr., Elk Garden, WV, handled by Rich Eversole.

Bluetick Breeders of America High Scoring Female: NITECH'PR' Blue Creeks Alice 2, owned by Dan Rainville, Highgate, VT, handled by Danny Glista.

Southern English Coonhound Association High Scoring Female: GRNITECH Carrolls Swamp River Queen, owned by Alan Carroll/Elizabeth Carroll, Bogart, GA, handled by Greg Ervin.

High Scoring Plott and National Plott Hound Association High Scoring Male: GRNITECH'PR' R & R's Buckeye Dixon, owned by Johnny Hager, Dingess, WV, handled by Robert Davis.

National Plott Hound Association High Scoring Female: NITECH'PR' Schroeder's Bayou Banana, owned by Gordan Schroeder/Joy Schroeder, Ocklawaha, FL.

American and National Redbone Coonhound Association High Scoring Female: GRNITECH GRCH'PR'Awsome Mosquito Crk Lick, owned by Jack Bingham/Logan Shahan, Montour, IA, handled by Jesse Nappin.

Treeing Walker Breeders & Fanciers Association High Scoring Female: NITECH'PR' Lone Pine Biffy Sue, owned by Dale Montgomery/Randy Smith, Kittanning, PA, handled by Randy Smith.