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2014 TWBFA Days Thursday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 04/18/2014 in Coonhounds.

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Lee Crawford Invitational Nite Hunt

Thursday, April 17th 2014
MOH: Jake Garner
Total Entered: 52

1st: GRNITECH’PR’Stover’s Screaming Magic Mag, owned and handled by Bill Stover of Albany, Ohio, 687˝+.

2nd: GRCH GRNITECH’PR’Fancys Stylish Nite Heat, owned by Lacey E Johnson of Mullins, South Carolina, handled by Mathew Johnson, 675+.

3rd: GRNITECH’PR’Stylish Abagal, owned and handled by Steve Burkholder of Angola, Indiana, 650+.

4th: GRNITECH’PR’H and J’s Magic Man, owned and handled by Henry Kidd of Milford, Indiana, 550+.

5th: NITECH’PR’Timber Cruzing Dotty, owned and handled by Rod Coselman of Lennon, Michigan, 525+.

6th: NITECH’PR’Wipeout Rock River Dixie, owned by James Stallings of Corunna, Michigan, handled by Aaren Miller, 450+.

7th: NITECH’PR’Stylish Abagal’s Jenn, owned by Steve Burkholder or Tyler Steury of Angola, Indiana, handled by Cory Hickman, 437˝+.

8th: CHGRNITECH’PR’Insane Straight Jacket, owned by Steven M Kinney of Kenney, Illinois, handled by Doug McCombs, 425+.

9th: GRNITECH’PR’Mighty Oak Double Duece, owned by Roger Pittman of Lebanon, Kentucky, handled by Garland Orberson, 400+.

10th: GRNITECH’PR’Deventer’s Hog Creek Harriet, owned by Gerald L. Keegan of Montgomery, Michigan, handled by Shane Groves, 375+.
Lee Crawford Pup Extravaganza
UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
Total Entered:

Nite Champion
1st: NITECH’PR’Snake Hollow Butch, owned and handled by Samuel Passwaters of Richwood, Ohio, 587˝+


1st/2nd Overall: ‘PR’Mojo’s Out of the Dark Side, owned by Scott Engle or Randy Morgan of Hillsboro, Ohio, handled by Brian Hartrum, 1275+.

2nd/1st Overall: ‘PR’Coleman’s Dick the Bruiser, owned by Mark Coleman of Oakwood, Ohio, handled by Danny Akers, 650+.

3rd/4th Overall: ‘PR’ Max’s Rock River Stylish Son, owned and handled by Brandon Guilford of Mulliken, Michigan, 650+.

4th/ 3rd Overall: ‘PR’Stone Coal Ike, owned by Kenneth Allen of Crum, West Virginia, handled by Micah Marcum, 625+.

5th: ‘PR’Mojo’s Hard Knox Rocks, owned by Scott Engle or Scott Allen of Hillsboro, Ohio, handled by Scott Engle, 600+.

6th: ‘PR’Stylish Abagal’s Masterpeice, owned by Steve Burkholder or Tyler Steury of Angola, Indiana, handled by Tyler Steury, 575+.

7th: CH’PR’ Middle Fork’s Stick’em, owned by Timmy Profitt of Avella, Pennsylvania, handled by Matt McCalister, 550+.

8th: CH’PR’Woody’s Light’s Out Super Star, owned and handled by Gary L Bendele of Paulding, Ohio, 525+.

9th: ‘PR’Limber’s Hard Time Cash, owned by Jeremy Limber of Defiance, Ohio, handled by Randy Verhoff Jr., 500+.

10th: ‘PR’ Rock River Bear, owned by Francis M Birch of Sandyville, Ohio, handled by Erick Roberts, 300+.