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2014 TWBFA Days Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 04/20/2014 in Coonhounds.

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Saturday, April 19

UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
MOH: Doug Cundiff
Total Entered: 140

2014 Treeing Walker Days Nite Hunt Champion: ‘PR’Westrick Wipeout Zoom, TW, owned and handled by Jordan Westrick of Defiance, Ohio

2014 Treeing Walker Days Opposite Sex Nite Hunt Winner/High Scoring Walker Female: NITECH’PR’Stylish Abagal’s Jenn, TW, owned by Steve Burkholder or Tyler Steury of Angola, Indiana, handled by Cory Hickman

Treeing Walker Days Final Four: ‘PR’Westrick Wipeout Zoom; NITECH’PR’Stylish Abagal’s Jenn; NITECH‘PR’Nissley’s Swamp Water Catch;‘PR’Letin Loose Layla.

Grand Nite Champion:

1st: GRNITECH’PR’Stovers Screaming Magic Mag, TW, owned and handled by Bill Stover of Albany, Ohio, 1325+.

2nd: GRNITECH’PR’Insane Straight Jacket, TW, owned by Steven M Kinney of Kenney, Illinois, handled by Doug McCombs, 1150+.

3rd: GRNITECH’PR’Slow Motion Stylish Mable, TW, owned by Bill Ritenour or Nick Borkovich of Acme, Pennsylvania, handled by Bill Ritenour, 575+.

Nite Champion

1st: NITECH’PR’Wipeouts Stylish Big Poppie, TW, owned by Chad Risner of Willard, Ohio, handled by Joe Niedermeir, 975+.

2nd: NITECH’PR’Caldwells Hoss, TW, owned by Earl Caldwell of Napoleon, Ohio, handled by Jeff Burdne, 775+.

3rd: NITECH’PR’Tate’s Sassy, TW, owned and handled by David Scott Goodlett of Mt. Eden, Kentucky, 500+.

4th: NITECH’PR’Nissley’s Swamp Water Catch, TW, owned by Joe or Dave Nissley of Topeka, Indiana, handled by Joe Nissley, 462˝+.

5th: NITECH’PR’Roy’s Wolf Lake Annie, TW, owned and handled by Roy Dausman of Muskegon, Michigan, 400+.


1st/High Scoring Walker Male: ‘PR’Westrick Wipeout Zoom, TW, owned and handled by Jordan Westrick of Defiance, Ohio, 1725+.

2nd: ‘PR’Letin Loose Layla, TW, owned and handled by Jerald Keegan of Montgomery, Michigan, 1350+.

3rd: ‘PR’Mojo’s Out of the Dark Side, TW, owned by Scott Engle or Randy Morgan of Hillsboro, Ohio, handled by Brian Hartrum, 1300+.

4th: ‘PR’Ruble’s Die Hard Banker, TW, owned and handled by Rusty Ruble of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, 912˝+.

5th: ‘PR’Lone Pine King Amos, TW, owned and handled by Stefan Lab of Minerva, Ohio, 800+.

6th: ‘PR’Reeds Lil Abby, TW, owned by Brian Reed of Maysville, Kentucky, handled by Josh Hester, 725+.

7th: ‘PR’Cleans Rocking House Bella, TW, owned by John Gerke or Dan Bradbury of Yoder, Indiana, handled by Dan Bradbury, 600+.

8th: ‘PR’Gibbie’s High Ridge Sally, TW, owned and handled by Steve Gibbie of Zeeland, Michigan, 562˝+.

9th: ‘PR’Nissleys Quick Flash, TW, owned by Dave Nissley of Topeka, Indiana, handled by Mike Nissley, 550+.

10th: ‘PR’Jiriks The Mila Dog, TW, owned by Jim Jirik, William Jirik, Ben Brown, of Kilkenny, Minnesota, handled by Ben Brown, 525+.

AB&TCHA High Scoring Black and Tan: NITECH’PR’Whiskey’s Mason Jar, owned by Rebecca Agee and Lindsey Seel, handled by Rebecca Agee.