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2014 Plott Days Member Awards
Posted on 08/02/2014 in Coonhounds.

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2014 Plott Days Member Awards

RC Roark Award: Orville Mansholt.

Person Doing Most For Breed: Welby Adkins.

Deceased Coon Dog Male Hall Of Fame: GR NITE CH GR CH North GA Plott Stormy, Jeff Embry Paul Rollins, Wayne Allen and Eddie Anderson.

Deceased Big Game Dog Male: ‘PR’ Grunche's Plott Joe, Richard Grunch.

Big Game Hunter Of The Year: Terry Jenkins.

Deceased Big Game Dog Female: CH ‘PR’ Bullrun Blondie Stormin Gal, Eugene Walker.

Big Game Male Of The Year: CH Walkers Pocahontas Poncho II, Eugene Walker.

Big Game Female Of The Year: Allisons Bear Creek Josie, Marion & Kaye Allison.

First Ever Quadruple Champion Plott Female: GR NITE CH GR CH GRWCH GRFCH ‘PR’ Hall’s Late Night Magic, Cory, Sacha & Jessie Hall.

First Place Youth Contest Winner: Garrett Jenkins.

NPHA Membership Contest, Tied For 1st Place: Ann Walker & Gary Cox.

NPHA Membership Contest 3rd Place: Orville Mansholt.

NPHA Membership Contest 4th Place: Kaye Allison; NPHA Membership Contest 5th Place: Eddie Anderson.

Full Cry Columnist: Jason L. Woodard accepted by Lawrence Anderson.

National Plott Hound Hunt Chairmans
North Carolina: Gary Cox.
South Carolina: Robby Cody accepted by Keith Edwards.
Tennessee: Steve Fisher.
Illinois: Emily Vandygriff accepted by Jessica Bauser.
Michigan: Joe Polly accepted by Cory & Jessie Hall.
Kentucky: Gary Ricklefs accepted by Christina Officer.
West Virginia: Dewayne Harrah accepted by Eugene Walker.
Tennessee State Champion Chairman: Gary French.

Biggest Bear Contest Winner: Lawrence Anderson.

Biggest Boar Contest Winner: Charlie & Taylor Boyter accepted by Grady Holder.

Sportsmanship Award Friday: Tater Franklin; Sportsmanship Award Saturday: Gary French.

Sportsmanship Of The Year Award: Tim Hickman.

Pocahontas Award: Greenville Back.

Timberline Handler Of The Year: Chris Rochester.

Lifetime Member Award: Richard Grunch.

Appreciation To Robertson County Coon Hunters Club, accepted by Gary French.
Appreciation To City Of Adams, accepted by Gary French.

Bench Show Judge Friday: Christina Officer.

Master Of Hounds: Thursday, Gary Cox; Friday, Tim Hickman; Saturday, Craig deRyke.

Outgoing Vice President: Jim Garrison.

Outgoing Secretary: Kevin Lundholmn.

Outgoing Breed Rep: Jeff Koons.

Outgoing Director: Les Daniel.

Outgoing Director: Dickie McCall.

Show Dog Of The Year: GR CH Show Biz She’s A Honky Tonk Babe, Ladonna Williams.

High Scoring Opposite Sex Coon Dog Of The Year: GR NITE CH GR CH GRWCH GRFCH ‘PR’ Hall’s Late Night Magic, Cory Hall.

Handler Of The Year: Chris Rochester.
High Scoring Coon Dog Of The Year: CH ‘PR’ Scout’s Carolina Maximus, Chris Rochester.