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2014 Performance Pack Nationals Final Results
Posted on 03/03/2014 in Beagles.

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Grand Pack Champion 1st Place: Hulett's Benny Beans, owned by Lee Clemens (R) of Astoria, Illinois, 370+. Also shown is Max Crosby (L).

Pack Champion 1st Place: CH PCH WORLDHBCH GRHBCH Gauge VIII, owned Dave McVay of Coshocton, Ohio, 460+.

Pack Champion 2nd Place: PCH WORLDHBCH GRHBCH Half Way Annie B, owned by John or Joe Brown (R) of Huntington, Indiana, 420+. Also shown is Josilyn Platt (L).

Pack Champion 3rd Place: PCH GRCH COUNTRY BOY'S MADDIE, owned by Ethan or Don Wells (R) of Danville, Indiana. Also shown is Garrison Lee (L).

Registered 1st Place: Who's Your Daddy Easy Cash, owned by Melvin McVay (L) or Trenas Weaver (R) of Coshocton, Ohio, 80+.

Registered 2nd Place: Glomskis Big Time, owned by Jacob Havens (R) and Matt Glomski (L) of Stendal, Indiana.

Registered 3rd Place: HBCH Old Dirty South Playboy, owned by Dave Hummell (R) or Roger Hanning of Coshocton, Ohio. Also shown is Vicky Bassitt (L).