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2014 Hunting Beagle Nationals Results
Posted on 04/14/2014 in Beagles.

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MOH: Roy Swafford, Jr.
Total Entered: 359

National Grand Hunting Beagle Champion: GRHBCH Heat-Em-Up Princess, owned by William McFarland and James Cataldi of Brookfield, Ohio, handled by William.

Grand Hunting Beagle Champion 2nd Place: GRHBCH XDawg Preacherman, owned by Kevin and Paul Weaver of Fort Gay, West Virginia, handled by Kevin.

Grand Hunting Beagle Champion 3rd Place: PCH GRHBCH Runnin Red Oh Yes He Will, owned by Dave Hummell, Roger Hanning, Jacki Haywood and Doug Hummell of Coshocton Ohio, handled by Dave.

Grand Hunting Beagle Champion 4th Place: CH PCH WORLDHBCH GRHBCH Gauge VIII, owned and handled by Dave McVay of Fresno, Ohio.

Hunting Beagle Champion 1st Place/NHBA High Scoring Dog: HBCH Staley's Arod, owned and handled by Jamie Staley of Coldwater, Michigan.

Hunting Beagle Champion 2nd Place: CH HBCH JB's Little Blue Jill, owned and handled by JB Harmon of Omar, West Virginia.

Hunting Beagle Champion 3rd Place: HBCH Hurry Up Bocephus, owned by Travis Bennett of Cadiz, Ohio, handled by Nick.

Hunting Beagle Champion 4th Place: HBCH Hurryup Hardcharging Patty, owned by Jay or Conner Varnes of Shreve, Ohio, handled by Jay.

Hunting Beagle Champion 5th Place: HBCH Huttons Little Hazzards Dizzy, owned by Matt Turner and Brian Hutton of Newark, Ohio, handled by Matt.

Registered 1st Place: Swampmasters Hemi Powered, owned and handled by Donnie Yant, Jr. of Vicksburg, Michigan.

Registered 2nd Place: MO Primetime Heat Em Up Bling, owned by Jeremy Crapo and Adam Cook of Mansfield, Missouri, handled by Jeff Ward.

Registered 3rd Place: River Roads Dream Come True, owned by David Miller and Mark Rockwell of Homer, Michigan, handled by Mark.

Registered 4th Place: Hurry Up Snap, owned by Vicky Bassitt and Dave Hummell of Coshocton, Ohio, handled by Vicky.

Registered 5th Place: Butchers White River the Rock, owned by Nancy Butcher and John James of Charleston, West Virginia, handled by Jason Butcher.

Registered 6th Place: JB's Little Smokin Joe, owned and handled by JB Harmon of Omar, West Virginia.

Registered 7th Place: Walnut Ridge Tuff Abby, owned by David Lengyel of Pleasant, Ohio, handled by Fred Hawkins.

Registered 8th Place: Frenchmans Rageddy Annie, owned by Walter Bare II of Quarryville, Pennsylvania, handled by Dusty Bare

Registered 9th Place: Katelyn's Lil Cammy, owned and handled by Eric Sizemore of Belleville, Michigan.

Registered 10th Place: Little Italy's Gezzabelle, owned by Matt Turner and Jason Vandergrift of Newark, Ohio, handled by Jason.

Youth Handler Award: Josilyn Platt