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2014 English Days Friday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 06/07/2014 in Coonhounds.

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Friday, June 6

UKC Licensed Nite Hunt
MOH: Jake Garner
Total Entered: 218

Grand Nite Champion:

1st/High Scoring Dog: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Red Ruby Hardtime Buck, ENG, owned by Seth or Shawn Isch of Decatur, Indiana, handled by Seth, 1225+.

2nd: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Cowles Big River Jesse Lee, ENG, owned by Rory Cowles and Mike Wolf of Medora, Indiana, handled by Rory, 950+.

3rd: CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ B&B Slam Jammin Bam, ENG, owned by Darrel Patterson of Greencastle, Indiana, handled by Robert Stallion, 762˝+.

Nite Champion
1st: NITE CH ‘PR’ Stylish Midnight Image, TW, owned by Shawn Maxey or Jeremy Jones of Marion, Indiana, handled by Jeremy Jones, 900+.

2nd/High Scoring English Female: NITE CH ‘PR’ Pistol Annie, ENG, owned and handled by Jamie Eisenhat of Bluffton, Indiana, 800+.

3rd: NITE CH ‘PR’ One Trick Trixie, B&T, owned by Craig Pearson or Mike Poe of Hartford City, Indiana, handled by Mike, 725+.

4th: NITE CH ‘PR’ Bobby Holler Dixie, ENG, owned by John Kirby of Kinta, Oklahoma, handled by Drake Pound, 700+.

5th: NITE CH ‘PR’ Evans Dry Creek Dark Critter, ENG, owned and handled by Eric Evans of Michigan City, Indiana, 625+.


1st: ‘PR’ Dusk til Dawn Ghost, ENG, owned by Clint Bowersock and Chad Nay of New Comerstown, Ohio, handled by Clint Bowersock, 800+.

2nd: ‘PR’ All Biz Iz, TW, owned by Darryl Banks of Bluffont, Indiana, handled by Nick Imel, 725+.

3rd: ‘PR’ Bobby’s Raccoon Creek Molly, ENG, owned and handled by Bobby Lanham of Mishawaka, Indiana, 700+.

4th: ‘PR’ Oakwoods Thunders, ENG, owned by Asa Briggs Jr, or Shane Cannon of Morley Michigan, handled by Asa, 700+.

5th: ‘PR’ Mayo River Awesome Mo, ENG, owned by Jason or Nathan Perry of Spencer, Virginia, handled by Jimmy Agee, 575+.

6th: ‘PR’ Brush Creek Famous Amos, ENG, owned and handled by John Riddle of Goshen, Indiana, 550+.

7th: ‘PR’ J’s Stylish Charm, TW, owned by Jeremy Jones of Wabash, Indiana, handled by Matt Beebout, 537˝ +.

8th: ‘PR’ Shiver Treeing Kacey, TW, owned and handled by Clint Shivers of Greenville, Ohio, 525+.

9th: ‘PR’ Willow Creek Lightfoot Sis, ENG, owned by John Anderson of Plainview, Nebraska, handled by Adam Girerdin, 525+.

10th: ‘PR’ Clifty Creek Drifter, ENG, owned and handled by Irvin Sutton of Campbellsburg, Indiana, 500+.