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2013 TWBFA Days Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 04/21/2013 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Nite Hunt

MOH: Doug Cundiff
Total Entered: 187

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Overall Nite Hunt Winner: NITE CH ‘PR’ 4E Tri Color No Sun Down, owned by Larry Proulx or Jason Eddins of Griswold, Connecticut and handled by Larry Proulx.

Opposite Sex Nite Hunt Winner: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Korte’s Stylish Woody, owned by Trevor Tallman of Middlebourne, West Virginia, handled by Jordan Westrick.

Final Four

NITE CH ‘PR’ 4E Tri Color No Sun Down, GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Charley Creek Big Mike, GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Johnson Creek Abby, GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Korte’s Stylish Woody.

Grand Nite Champion:

1st/High Scoring Walker Female: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Johnson Creek Abby, TW, owned and handled by Nick Imel of Bluffton, Indiana, 1,625+

2nd/High Scoring Walker Male: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Rebel’s Last Hope, TW, owned by Robert Johnson of Defiance, Ohio and handled by Mark Maginn, 1,100+.

3rd: GR NITE CH Deventers Hog Creek Harriot, TW, owned and handled by Jerald Keegan of Montgomery, Michigan, 1,050+.

Nite Champion
1st: NITE CH ‘PR’ 4E Tri Color No Sun Down, 1,300+.

2nd: NITECH ‘PR’ Tallman’s Middle Creek Rebel, TW, owned by Trevor Tallman of Middleborne, West Virginia and handled by Stefan Lab, 967˝+.

3rd: NITE CH ‘PR’ Gaffney Creek Mud Princess, TW, owned by Eli Hansen or Kayla Balog of Lachine, Michigan and handled by Eli Hansen, 950+.

4th: NITE CH ‘PR’ Stover’s Screaming Magic Mag, TW, owned by Bill Stover of Athens, Ohio and handles by Larry Bills, 625+.
5th: NITE CH ‘PR’ Timber Cruzing Dotty, TW, owned and handled by Rod Coselman of Lennon, Michigan, 600+.


1st: Tiffin River John Boy, TW, owned by William Feddeine of Evansport, Ohio and handled by Shane Groves, 1,100+.

2nd: ‘PR’ Lone Pine Hannah, TW, owned by Randy Smith or Tom Strang of Kittanning, Pennsylvania and handled by Randy Smith, 925+.

3rd: ‘PR’ Cooper Creek Rosie Bone, TW, owned by Justen Cooper of Tyler Gilkey of Lowry City, Missouri and handled by Justen Cooper, 900+.

4th: ‘PR’ Stylich Abagals Jen, TW, owned by Steve Burkholder or Travis Clous of Angola, Indiana and handled by Tyeler Stery, 812˝+.

5th: ‘PR’ Taylors Snap, TW, owned and handled by Shawn Taylor of Stryker, Ohio, 725+.

6th: ‘PR’ Butler Creek Boone, TW, owned and handled by Gordon Driver of Webberville, Michigan, 575+.

7th: ‘PR’ Booger Hollow High Definition, TW, owned and handled by Billy Williams of Morenci, Michigan, 375+.

8th: ‘PR’ Richardson’s Jacob David, TW, owned by Ray Richardson of Butler, Ohio and handled by Cody Sipe, 350+.

9th: ‘PR’ Stylish Fancy, TW, owned and handled by Thomas Medley of Loretto, Kentucky, 325+.

10th: ‘PR’ Ripley River Bella, TW, owned by Ralph Fussnecker or Suzanne Ward of Ripley, Ohio and handled by Ralph Fussenecker, 325+.

AB&TCHA High Scoring Black & Tan: ‘PR’ Whiskey Mason Jar owned by Rebecca Agee or Lindsey Seel of Bucyrus, Ohio, 512˝+.

BBOA High Scoring Bluetick: ‘PR’ P D Street Blue Dot owned by Preston D Street of Masontown, West Virginia, 250+.

UEBFA High Scoring English: GRNITECH ‘PR’ Viper Creek Joe owned by Shane Pack of Cecil, Ohio, handled by Steve Scott, 1,050+.

NPHA High Scoring Plott: GRNITECH ‘PR’ Zinks Bayou Cash HTX owned by T Doug Derossett or Menden, Ohio, 125+.