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2013 Squirrel Dog World Championship
Posted on 12/03/2012 in Out On A Limb.

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The 2013 UKC Squirrel Dog World Championship details are set. We have some changes to announce this year, so this month’s column will be dedicated to that. In fact, the only thing that is not changing will be the date, so mark your calendars for March 9 and 10. The ads for this event will start running next month so be sure to watch for those ads for entry forms and complete details.
We are happy to announce that the Perry County Coon Club in Tell City, Indiana, will be this year’s host club. If you are not familiar with where Tell City is located, it’s on the Indiana side of the Ohio River, about 30 miles north and east of Owensboro, Kentucky. While I realize that “Indiana” sounds like way up north, but that southern tip is just as close to Alabama as it is to Michigan. If you look at the big picture, the whole United States, that is about as centrally located as you could get.

It’s comforting to know that the Perry County Club is no stranger to hosting major events. One of the first events I attended for UKC more than 20 years ago was Plott Days at Tell City, and they hosted Plott Days again this year! That’s a pretty long run for a club to be strong and successful enough to put on a hunt like Plott Days 20 years later.

Instead of the fairgrounds that the club typically uses to host a major coon hunt, the Squirrel Dog World will be held at their clubhouse, which is the perfect setting for this event. They are fortunate to have more than enough hunting close, and club President Jeff Jones assures me they have plenty of squirrels. Because Jeff also hunts squirrel dogs, and handled a dog to the Top 10 at last year’s UKC World Championship in Edinburgh, I trust him when he says the squirrel hunting is very good. He describes the area as being “about 50 percent fox squirrels and 50 percent grey squirrels.”

Also new this year is the fact that UKC has dropped the qualification requirement to enter the event. In its place, however, is an advanced entry only requirement. I hope that this will generate a few more entries for the event. My only fear is that someone will only hear that it’s an “open entry” and not hear that it is also “pre-entry only”. Spread the word. Those dogs not currently registered with UKC may still enter by sending in a completed single registration application with their advanced entry application.

We will also be holding another World Show Championship for squirrel dogs this year. We will have to see how it does for entries. If it gets support, we will certainly continue doing it. If not, we can hold off for a few more years. We didn’t hold a show in conjunction with the event last year, and we heard from quite a few people who were disappointed, so we will give it another try. The show will be held Saturday afternoon between rounds one and two of the hunt.

That brings up another change. The event will be moving back to a Saturday morning start. Being an elimination event, we should easily be able to run four rounds between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, and crown a new World Champion. As in years past, the first round only will utilize hunting judges. All rounds after that will utilize non-hunting judges.

Like I said, watch for the ads next month. We are really excited about the 2013 UKC World Squirrel Dog Championship. I think you will find this an ideal location and hosted by a very qualified host club. Come on out and join us. Just make sure to get your dog entered by the advanced entry deadline!