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2013 Performance Pack Nationals Champion Cast Breakdown
Posted on 03/02/2013 in Beagles.

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Cast 1 Judge: Bob Roy/Mel Jenkins
PCH CH Cedar Grove's Briarpatch NuggetSeth or Steve Shipman
PCH Musgrave's Bloomfield DukeJason Musgrave60+
PCH GRHBCH GRCH Circle H Hurry Up Init 2 WinitDoug or Dave Hummell
PCH HBCH 'PR' Halfway Mollys HollyJoe Brown and John E. Brown
PCH Jed's Git'R Done DaisyJed Nichols
Cast 2Judge: Jed Nichols
Yette's Bunny Bustin CaneRobert Yette/Kayla Sheumaker70+
BHB Lady Of The NightJarrett Milam
PCH Sundown I Got FrecklesDon or Dave McVay
HBCH PCH CH Hazzards Shaker FloraAaron Sampsel or Lance Roberson
PCH Halfway Annie BJoe Brown or John Brown
Cast 3Judge: Joe Brown
PCH HBCH Briar Assassins Black ShelbyChad Foreman
PCH Jenkins Muddy Water Stone ColdMel Jenkins
PCH CH HBCH Hazzards JackAaron Sampsel or Ryan Rummell
Thornsley's Mudpuddlin AmiMax Thornsley 100+
Clemens Bunny Bustin MollyLee Clemens100+
Cast 4Judge: Danny Sears/Jarrett Milam
Country Boy's MaddieEthan or Don Wells
PCH Green Bay Son Of KingGlenn Patterson
HBCH PCH Halway Trails BusterChris Platt320+
PCH Halfway Molly's Little Allie Joe Brown or Jim Greenwell
PCH Skylines Lady LuckDexter Eppard
Cast 5Judge: Jonathan Hayes
PCH HBCH Paw Paw's Buckshot BlazeDale E. Barnes
Hills Bunny Bustin HossDanny Sears
PCH GRCH Ken Reids BeautyKen Reid
PCH Jenkins Peaches N CreamTimothy Jenkins160+
Clemens Bunny Bustin Boots Lee & Tim Clemens160+
Cast 6Judge: Adam Hayes
Clay Hills IkeJackie McDonald
Russell's EZ AnnieDanny Sears
Full Throttles PreacherRyan Stetler
CH PCH Mtn Magic's Go Jonny GoRandy Harris
WORLDPCH PCH Four G's Ruby RedJosh or Garrison Lee170+