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2013 Hunting Beagle Nationals Final Results
Posted on 04/14/2013 in Beagles.

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MOH: Dave McVay
Total Entered: 361

National Grand Hunting Beagle Champion/NHBA High Scoring Dog: GRHBCH Hurry Up Lucille, owned and handled by Vicky Bassitt of Millersburg, Ohio, 632.5+.

Grand Hunting Beagle Champion 2nd Place: GRHBCH Squeakin Thru James, owned by Eric Ballanger of Melrose, Iowa.

Grand Hunting Beagle Champion 3rd Place: NGRHBC GRHBCH CH Dagostine's Big Brutis Bawls, owned by Owen Dagostine of Williamstown, West Virginia.

Grand Hunting Beagle Champion 4th Place: GRHBCH Ingram's Stylish Dakota, owned by Tom Ingram of Williamstown, West Virginia.

Champion 1st Place: HBCH Dry Fork Ears, owned by Mike or Jason Ridenhour of Belle, Missouri, handled by Mike, 155+.

Champion 2nd Place: HBCH Meades Outback Chopper, owned and handled by Brian Meade of Warsaw, Ohio, 107.5+.

Champion 3rd Place: HBCH Worrells Fast As Candie Mandy, owned by Mark E. or Barbara Worrell of Quarryville, Pennsylvania, handled by Mark, 80+.

Champion 4th Place: CH HBCH Norfork Party Time At Six, owned and handled by Calvin Mings of Dora, Missouri.

Registered 1st Place: Deckers Roxie, owned by Roger Decker of Burr Oak, Michigan, handled by David Mumby, 320+.

Registered 2nd Place: Halfways Annie's Little Sissy, owned by John E. Brown of Warren, Indiana, handled by Joe Brown, 320+.

Registered 3rd Place: Butcher's White River Abigail, owned by Jason or Loarie Butcher of Charleston, West Virginia, handled by Jason 220+.

Registered 4th Place: Brushy Ridge Blue Shadow, owned and handled by Roger E. Cook of Crawley, West Virginia, Scratched.

Registered 5th Place: Mo Primetime Hurry Up Tebow, owned by Levi McDaris of Macomb, Missouri, handled by Jeff Ward, 367.5+.

Registered 6th Place: Wright's Bell, owned and handled by Steve Wright of Newark, Ohio, 230+.

Registered 7th Place: 'PR' Scotty's Jessie, owned and handled by Jerry Scott of Malta, Ohio, -120.

Registered 8th Place: Young's Rambling Crazy Daisy, owned by Ryan or Lori Young of Thornville, Ohio, handled by Ryan, -170.

Registered 9th Place: Hurry Up Spanked For Kash, owned and handled by Kelly Hanners-Smart of Coshocton, Ohio, 332.5+.

Registered 10th Place: Bens Blue Ribbon Dandy, owned and handled by Ben Cox, Jr. of Newark, Ohio, 190+.

Youth Handler Award: Cory Bridges with Summers Jinx.