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2013 Eliminator Announcement
Posted on 11/08/2012 in Beagles.

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2012 marked the 10th year for the Eliminator being held at the Three Rivers Beagle Club in Oakland City, Indiana. In fact, the Eliminator has become a very recognized household name when it comes to major beagling events, and for good reason. Although never guarded against the possibility of adverse weather conditions, it’s that first major of the year known to bring beaglers out of the woodworks.

The record number of dogs entered for this event was 224 in 2006 although the last few years saw those kinds of numbers on the decline. According to President Virgil Wildt, the club has found themselves with a declining membership and struggling to find enough guides to put it on. They have decided it to be in their best interest to allow another club the opportunity. We take this opportunity to thank and applaud the Three Rivers Beagle Club on a great 10 year run with the Eliminator.

We have some ideas for the Eliminator down the road. But for the upcoming year we looked towards a centrally located club that could capably put on such an event. The Backwoods Beagle Club in Howard, Ohio has a great facility with access to plenty of great running grounds nearby. And even more satisfying is the fact that they are a well-supported club, with a very motivated membership, just waiting for such an opportunity. We are pleased that they have agreed to host the Eliminator in 2013. Even though it might be considered short notice for most clubs, the officers and members of the Backwoods Beagle Club welcome the proposition and are already working diligently towards making it an event you’ll not want to miss!

Watch for further and complete details to come.