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2013 Bluetick Days Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 05/19/2013 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Nite Hunt

MOH: Robert “Bub” Rose
Total Entered: 110

King of Hunt: CH GRNITECH Blue Iron Brummy HTX, owned and handled by Clyde Murphy of The Rock,GA.

Queen of Hunt: CH Appels Blue Oak Gerts Lady, owned by Joel Appel of Wisconsin, handled by Jake Appel.

Grand Nite Champion
1st: GR NITE CH Blue Iron Brummy, 987˝+.

2nd: CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Manns Wild-N-Blue Chief, BLU, owned by David McGinnis of Warsaw, New York, handled by Riley Floyd.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH ‘PR’ Will’s Creek Blaze, BLU, owned and handled by Jarett Davis of Speagg, Pennsylvania, 450+.

2nd: NITE CH Bullet II Code Blue Cricket, BLU, owned and handled by Jason Jaffleheam of Nevada, Iowa, 425+.


1st/High Scoring Treeing Walker: Valley Crk Cover Page, TW, owned by Grady Stein of New Philadelphia, Ohio, handled by Tucker Stein, 1,125+.

2nd: ‘PR’ Southern Blue River Chip, BLU, owned by JJ Callahan or Savanna Callahan of Yancyville, North Carolina, handled by JJ, 987˝+.

3rd: Son’s Northern Blue Cash, BLU, owned by Ronald Casey, Jr. of Bruston, New York, handled by Eric Deshane, 625+.

4th: Rolling Thunder Liquid Ice, TW, owned by Andy Miller of Sugarcreek, Ohio, handled by Joel Liedtke, 625+.

5th: Brush Creek Gus, BLU, owned and handled by Mike Blevins of Lucasville, Ohio, 575+.
6th: Dudley Do Rite, RED< owned by Dwight or Josh Hicks of Butler, Ohio, handled by Josh, 325+.

7th: Deuce’s Blue Mountain Ace, BLU, owned by Zach Bowen or Ronald Moore of Bristol, West Virginia, handled by Zach, 175+.

8th: CH Moyer’s Blue Dan, BLU, owned by Wayne Crabtree of Otway, Ohio, handled by Kevin Breech, 175+.

9th: Speich Hardwood Booty, BLU, owned and handled by Jason Speich of Janesville, Wisconsin, 150+.
10th: Little River Domino Diva, BLU, owned by Jeffrey Poff or Isaac Poff of Floyd, Virginia, handled by Jeffrey, 150+.

High Scoring Leopard: NITE CH Turners Beacon, owned by Shiron Turner of Berlin Heights, Ohio, handled by Brad Turner, 325+.

High Scoring Plott: CH NITE CH KB’s Redwood Oakies Repeat, owned and handled by Cameron Miller of Ripley, West Virginia, 50+.