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2013 Autumn Oaks Friday Bench Show Results
Posted on 08/30/2013 in Coonhounds.

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2013 Autumn Oaks

Bench Show
Friday, August 30, 2013
Bench Show Judges: Kathy Shorter, Mary Wale
Total Entered: 129
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BMOS: ‘PR’ Kentucky Mtn. Diamond Dawson, owned by Penny or Jody Jessup, handled by Penny.

BFOS: ‘PR’ Wabash River Hail On Heels, owned by Andi or Curtis Elburn, handled by Andi.

American Black & Tan Coonhound
BSJ: Kathy Shorter

Male Puppy (2 Entered): ‘PR’ Smalltime Bullet In The Chamber, owned and handled by Terri Dolbear of Wyoming, Ontario Canada.

Junior Male/BMOB (8 Entered): ‘PR’ Black Knights Jesse Jase, owned and handled by Deborah M. Crump of Hartford City, Indiana.

Senior Male (1 Entered): ‘PR’ Gilman’s LadyBell’s Caneman, owned and handled by David Gilman of Fieldon, Illinois.

Junior Female/BFOB (4 Entered): ‘PR’ Margaritaville’s Lil Mis Magic, owned and handled by Deb Powers of Greenville, Ohio.

Senior Female (4 Entered): ‘PR’ Jump River’s Black Coal, owned by Tim Henderson of Kennan, Wisconsin, handled by Caitlin Henderson.

American Leopard Hound
BSJ: Kathy Shorter

Male Puppy/BMOB (2 Entered): ‘PR’ Ramblin Cherokee Ranger, owned and handled by Chris McNutt of Fairmount, Indiana.

Junior Female/BFOB (1 Entered): ‘PR’ Princess Polly Prissy Pants, owned by Janet Davidson-Butcher.

Bluetick Coonhound
BSJ: Kathy Shorter

Male Puppy/BMOB (2 Entered): ‘PR’ Blue Power Rock My World, owned by Diann or Wes Stine of Irondale, Ohio, handled by Diann.

Junior Male (5 Entered): ‘PR’ Southern Flame Bad Moon Rising, owned by Cynthia Grooms and Gerald Black, handled by Gerald.

Senior Male (3 Entered): ‘PR’ Ghost Creek Jethro Augustus, owned by Kimberly Martin or Katherine Barnes of Ohatchee, Alabama, handled by Breanna Potash.

Female Puppy (4 Entered): ‘PR’ Southern Flame My Blue Angel, owned by Cynthia Grooms or Gerald Black, handled by Cynthia.

Junior Female/BFOB (3 Entered): ‘PR’ Rockin W’s Blue Glamour Girl, owned by Jody and Whitney Bray, handled by Whitney.

Senior Female (2 Entered): Here’s A Clue It’s Deja Blue, owned by Janet Davidson-Butcher and Shane Groves, handled by Janet.

English Coonhound
BSJ: Kathy Shorter

Male Puppy (1 Entered): Big River Logan, owned by John A. Triana of Danielsville, Georgia, handled by Katie Millwood

Junior Male/BMOB (2 Entered): ‘PR’ Kentucky Mtn. Diamond Dawson.

Senior Male (3 Entered): ‘PR’ Moonlight Annihilator, owned by Jason or Sianna Spieth of Quincy, Michigan, handled by Jason.

Female Puppy (3 Entered): ‘PR’ Wilhelm’s Hardtime Pearl, owned by Larry Wilhelm of Genoa, Ohio, handled by Cyndi Schlosser.

Junior Female (5 Entered): ‘PR’ Moonlight’s Most Wanted Sensation, owned by Jason or Sianna Spieth, handled by Sianna.

Senior Female/BFOB (1 Entered): ‘PR’ Thompson's Hillbilly Greedy Gretchen, owned by Janet Davidson-Butcher, handled by Janet.

Plott Hound
BSJ: Mary Wale

Male Puppy (3 Entered): ‘PR’ County Line Roosevelt, owned by Christina M. Officer or Penny Jessup of Ravenna, Kentucky, handled by Christina.

Junior Male/BMOB (4 Entered): ‘PR’ Late Night I Am Legend, owned by Sasha Castle and Cory Hall of Brant, Michigan, handled by Cory.

Female Puppy/BFOB (5 Entered): ‘PR’ County Line She’s A Keeper, owned and handled by Christina M. Officer.

Junior Female (3 Entered): ‘PR’ Suncrest Outsanding Roz, owned by Don E. or Becky P. Church, handled by Becky.

Redbone Coonhound
BSJ: Mary Wale

Male Puppy/BMOB (3 Entered): ‘PR’ Ing’s Outlaw Hunter, owned by Gene Ing of Benton, Illinois, handled by Jessica Rentfro.

Junior Male (4 Entered): Howlnhlz 10ft Tall & Bulletproof, owned by Lynn or Stefan Hill of Palestine, Texas, handled by Andi Elburn.

Senior Male (3 Entered): ‘PR’ Darkside’s Hatchet Jack, owned by Michael Smith of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, handled by Amanda Thole.

Female Puppy (4 Entered): ‘PR’ Hoo Hollow Caught N The Act, owned and handled by Jamie Crigger.

Junior Female/BFOB (6 Entered): ‘PR’ Wabash River Hail On Heels.

Senior Female (2 Entered): CGRCH ‘PR’ Anlon’s Don’t Get Mad Get Even, owned by Paige Renison and Chris Cottril of Chillicothe, Ohio, handled by Paige.

Treeing Walker Coonhound
BSJ: Mary Wale

Male Puppy/BMOB (5 Entered): ‘PR’ Stewarts Nature Boy, owned by Robert F or Karl N. Stewart of Webster Sprints, West Virginia, handled by Malinda Hicks.

Junior Male (4 Entered): ‘PR’ A&B King’s Samson, owned by John Allen or Alan Bauer of Vienna, Missouri, handled by John.

Senior Male (9 Entered): ‘PR’ Sideshow He’s So Wonderful, owned by Leslie or Eric Brooks of Pounding Mill, Virginia, handled by Leslie.

Female Puppy/BFOB (4 Entered): ‘PR’ Cherry Creek Frankly Scarlett, owned and handled by Scott Houston.

Junior Female (9 Entered): ‘PR’ Stackem Up Postcard From Paris, owned by Jessica Rentfro and Tricia Snedegar of Herrin, Illinois, handled by Jessica.

Senior Female (5 Entered): ‘PR’ Sideshow Sheza Angel Too, owned by Jacob Brooks, handled by Leslie Brooks.