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2012 UKC Youth National Championship Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 07/22/2012 in Coonhounds.

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MOH: Anthony Ford
Total Entered: 106

Youth National Nite Hunt Champion/High Scoring English Male: MindyCarol Register, 12, right, of Ellaville, Georgia, handled her own dog GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Meme’s Buck Creek Roller, co-owned by Kevin Register, 625+. Also shown is Sarah Register.

1st: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Meme’s Buck Creek Roller.

2nd/High Scoring Treeing Walker Female: Abdul Huneidi, 16, shown, handled NITE CH ‘PR’ Segers Sundown Shine, owned by Scott Seger of St. Jacob, Illinois, 575+.

3rd/High Scoring Bluetick Male: Nate Moore, 11, right, handled NITE CH ‘PR’ Big Creek Blu Chalk Eyes, owned by Jerry Carter, left, of Stinesville, Indiana, 475+. Also shown is Brian Moore.

4th: Hunter Beebout, 13, center, handled NITE CH ‘PR’ Bandh Skuna River Monster, TW, owned by Matt Beebout, left, or Josh Hawk, 450+. Also shown is Ronnie Beebout.

5th/High Scoring Redbone Male: AJ Eriks, 16, center, handled GR CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Moonlight After Shock, owned by Rodger Shabel or Jason Shabel of Decatur, Alabama, 450+. Also shown are Joey Hook and Matt Beebout.

6th: Austin Simmerman, 16, right, of Gnadenhutten, Ohio, handled his own dog NITE CH ‘PR’ House’s Blaze, TW, 400+. Also shown is Josh Lafferty.
7th: Adam Mehan, 13, handled GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Turn It Up, TW, owned by Jeff Maggart of Akron, Indiana, 350+.

8th/High Scoring Black and Tan Male: Sutton Hauck, 11, center, handled GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Haucks Casey HTX, owned by Travis Hauck, right, or Henry Hauck of Dixon, Missouri, 300+. Also shown is Brandon Palmer.

9th: Adrian Biebrock, 11, second from right, handled NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Cutter’s Hardwoos Latch, TW, owned by Michael Tilley or Kenneth Warren of Stokesdale, North Carolina, 300+. Also shown are Wayne Balke, Gary Potts, Jolene Balke, Jodi McCubbins, Talor Balke and Colby Wall.

10th: Kody Overbey, 16, second from right, of Patton, Missouri handled his own dog GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Overbey’s Pearl, TW, 300+. Also shown are Josh Douglas, Levi Henson, Taylor Sander and Kenny Overbey.
Saturday Nite Hunt
MOH: Anthony Ford
Total Entered: 25

1st/High Scoring Walker Male: Noah Miller, 14, second from right, handled Alabama Bear Traxx, owned by Malcom Carter II of Vinemont, Alabama, 600+. Also shown are Rick Brown, Elijah Miller and Scott Miller.

2nd: Kayla Anderson, 13, right, handled NITE CH Bands Midnight Madness Molly, TW, owned by Steve Davidson or Greg Davidson of Bloomfield, Iowa, 475+. Also shown are Ben Davidson and Kiera Anderson.

3rd: Colin Wall, 16, second from right, handled NITE CH Walls Blue Roping Rody, BLU, owned by King Wall, second from left, of Tennyson, Indiana, 325+. Also shown are Sam Wall and Robert Reynolds.

4th: Shane Johnson, 15, shown, of Paron, Arkansas, handled his own dog NITE CH Shane’s No Blowin Smoke, TW, 200+.

5th: Colton Howell, 14, right, handled GR NITE CH Stylish Butch, TW, owned by James Wright III of Auburndale, Florida, 100+. Also shown is Lance Howell.

6th: Tonya Smith, 10, right, handled NITE CH Bad to the Bones Stacy, B&T, owned by Tim Smith of Louisville, Illinois, 100+. Also shown is Lyndon Smith.

7th: Layne Holmes, 15, left, handled Sobania’s Rock Star, B&T, owned by Jim Sobania of Bowlus, Minnesota, 75+. Also shown is Chris Fields.

High Scoring Black and Tan Female: Seth Gelhausen, 17, handled GR NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Mogan Ridge Ace’s Easy Weezy, owned by Herbert Landers Jr. or Debbie Landers of Magnet, Indiana, 400+.

High Scoring Bluetick Female: Cole Simpson, 13, shown, handled NITE CH ‘PR’ Blue Bell Pixie Stick HTX, owned by Richard Kaiser II of Rawlings, Maryland, 225+.

High Scoring English Female: Colter Painter, 16, shown, handled NITE CH ‘PR’ Sho’Em Again Annie, owned by Eddie Lemon of Nitro, West Virginia, 75+.

High Scoring Redbone Female: Della Gher, 13, right, handled NITE CH ‘PR’ Steve & Chili’s Red Flow, owned by Darrin Gher, left, of Paris, Illinois, 100+.