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2012 Plott Days Thursday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 08/03/2012 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed RQE

All Plott Nite Hunt
(Purina Points)
MOH: Gary C. Cox
Total Entered: 43

1st/1st RQE: CH NITE CH N. GA Plott Big Eddie, owned and handled by Eddie L. Anderson, second from right, of Central City, Kentucky, 300+. Also shown are Roger Gibson, Hunter Flenner, Jarrod Rollins, Paul Rollins and Wayne Allen.

2nd/2nd RQE: ‘PR’ Solomon’s Granger Ranger, owned and handled by Kenny Solomon, left, of Rutledge, Tennessee, 300+. Also shown is Tyler Roach.

3rd/3rd RQE: ‘PR’ Derossett’s Hard Drive, owned and handled by Douglas Derossett, right, of Menden, Ohio, 225+. Also shown are Lenny Regedanz and Coleton Riley.

4th: ‘PR’ Woodard’s Stone Mountain Moses, owned by Randy Woodard, second from right, 200+. Also shown are Charlie Shortridge, Randall Winchester, Caleb Wright, Rick Wright and Richard Turchin.

5th: Sugar Maple Skittles, owned by Clair Hostetler, center, 200+. Also shown are Carl Vicars and Buddy Baron.

6th/4th RQE: CH ‘PR’ Pride’s Lil Keeper, owned and handled by Joe Pride, right, of Selisman, Missouri, 175+. Also shown are Hunter Harris, Larry Brown and Donnie Craig.

7th/5th RQE: NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Burnett’s Rooster, owned by Larry Brown, right, of Perry, Missouri, handled by Don Lynch, left, 150+. Also shown are Joe Pride, Donnie Craig, Hunter Harris and Logan Lynch.

8th/6th RQE: Stroud’s Impressive Zero, owned and handled by Charles Stroud, center, of Boiling Springs, North Carolina, 150+. Also shown are Kyle Smart and James Gold.

9th: ‘PR’ Patoka River Tory, owned by Nick Erny, center, 150+. Also shown are Keith Edwards and Andy Gwinn.

10th: Bolen Brindle Boy, owned by Les Bolen, second from right, 175+. Also shown are Nick Earny, Keith Edwards and Andy Gwinn.

11th: CH ‘PR’ Lomax’s Amazing Brown Fly, owned by Jeremy Lomax, center, 100+. Also shown are Aidan Cunningham and Keegan Cunningham.

12th: West KY Plt Stormie, owned by Eddie Anderson, second from right, 100+. Also shown are Hunter Flenner, Jarrod Rollins, Roger Gibson and Wayne Allen.

13th: CH ‘PR’ Brushy Creek Harry, owned by James Clark, shown, 75+.

14th: NITE CH ‘PR’ Rail Hollow Timber Tank, owned by Jason Bigley, right, 50+. Also shown is Jim Garrison.

15th: Lock’s Singing Sally, owned by David M. Lock, right, 50+. Also shown are Richard Turchin and Dave Lock.