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2012 Plott Days Thursday Bench Show Results
Posted on 08/02/2012 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed RQE All-Plott Bench Show

(Purina Points)
BSJ: Emily Beasley
Total Entered: 20

Grand Champion Male: CCH GR CH ‘PR’ My Dog I’m a Dipstick Too, owned and handled by Wayne Steele, shown, of Wakefield, Virginia.

Grand Champion Female/Queen of Show: GR CH ‘PR’ Suncrest Steel Magnolia, owned by Becky Church, right, and Don Church, left, of Wilkesboro, North Carolina, handled by Becky. Also shown is Les Daniel.

Champion Male/King of Show: CH NITE CH ‘PR’ Midnight I.M. Geno, owned by Scott, right, and Connie Hogan, center, of Windber, Pennsylvania, handled by Scott. Also shown is Autumn Hogan.

Champion Female: CH ‘PR’ Flatland Rockin Ruby, owned by Randy Switzer, right, or Mike Cash, center, of Brocton, Illinois, handled by Mike. Also shown is Brice Switzer.

BMOS: ‘PR’ Midnight King of Sting, owned by Scott, right, and Autumn Hogan, left, of Windber, Pennsylvania, handled by Connie Hogan, center.

BFOS/Youth Show Female Winner: ‘PR’ Pin Oaks Little Breezy, owned by Larry Brown, right, of Purdy, Missouri, handled by Hunter Harris, front. Also shown are Logan Lynch and Donnie Craig.

Plott Hound
Junior Male/BMOB: ‘PR’ Midnight King of Sting.
Senior Male: ‘PR’ Kettlerun Dan, owned and handled by Leo Galley of Hardinsburg, Indiana.
Female Puppy: ‘PR’ River Ridge Gretta, owned by Gary RIcklefs, Jr. or Mary E. Myers of Brandenburg, Kentucky, handled by Gary.
Junior Female/BFOB: ‘PR’ Pin Oaks Little Breezy.

Senior Female: ‘PR’ MLM Magic Blk Soil Jerzee Mae, owned by Shaina Hunt, shown, or Jeremiah Johnson of Granville, Iowa, handled by Shaina.

Pairs Winners:

GR CH ‘PR’ Sun Crest Standin On a Promise, owned by Becky Church, right, and Don Church, center, of Wilkesboro, North Carolina, handled by Becky; GR CH ‘PR’ Melrose Mtn. Jezebel Jett, owned by Clint Pace, left, or Veronica Pace of Columbus, North Carolina, handled by Clint.

Youth Show Male Winner: GR CH Knollwood Gunner, owned by Glenn James, right, handled by Hayden James, center. Also shown is John James.