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2012 Performance Pack World Final Results
Posted on 10/21/2012 in Beagles.

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Hosted by the Central Indiana Beagle Club & Green County Beagle Club
October 20 & 21, 2012
Sullivan, Indiana

World Performance Pack Champion: Four G's Ruby Red, owned by Josh, second from right, or Garrison Lee, right, of Mooresville, Indiana, 280+. Also shown are Georgia, Stephanie, Gracie and Genna Lee.

2nd: Clemens Finder 2, owned by Jonathan Hayes, shown, of East Prairie, Missouri, minused out.

3rd: Clemens Ellie Buster, owned by Lee Clemens, left, of Astoria, Illinois. Also shown is Clinton Bucher, minused out.

4th: Clemens Bunny Bustin Sassy, owned by Jed Nichols, right, of Hastings, Michigan, minused out. Also shown is Lee Clemens.

5th: Hulett's Benny Beans, owned by Tim and Lee Clemens, left, of Astoria, Illinois, minused out. Also shown are Emma and Charlotte VanHoutan.

6th: White River Lady Gotcha, owned by Eullis Holt, second from right, or Elwood Simmons, 320+. Also shown are Levi Jinks, Levi Albright and Mike Holt.

7th: Clemens Bunny Bustin Molly, owned by Lee Clemens, left, of Astoria, Illinois, 200+. Also shown is Clinton Bucher.

8th: MandM’s Abby, owned by Travis, left or John McCarthy, right, of Danville, Indiana, 120+.

9th: Circle H Hurry Up In It 2 Win It, owned by Dave, right, and Doug Hummell of Coshocton, Ohio, 110+. Also shown are Kelly Hanners-Smart and Vicky Bassitt.

10th: Tuddy’s Pepper, owned by Steve, left, or Cathy Tuddy of Paris, Illinois, 60+. Also shown is Tom Roberts.