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2012 Lee Crawford Invitational Nite Hunt
Posted on 04/20/2012 in Coonhounds.

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MOH: Elba Neat

Total Entered: 61

1st: NITE CH 'PR' B/S/H Wicked Snag Again, female, owned by Dan Swander, second from left, of Rockford, Ohio, handled by Tim Stetler, second from right, 1,050+. Also shown are Curt Ahring and Adam Swander.

2nd: GR NITE CH 'PR' Gunpowder And Lead, male, owned by Steven Thompson, center, of Chesterville, Ohio, handled by Cody Sipe, right, 900+. Also shown is Bill Forby.

3rd: NITE CH 'PR' Bulach's Blue Eye Angel, female, owned and handled by Tim Bulach, center, of Eaton, Ohio, 825+. Also shown are Aaron Sorrell and Rex Sorrell.

4th: 'PR' Clint's Mac Daddy, male, owned and handled by Brian Wieber, right, of Westphalia, Michigan, 575+. Also shown is Brian Sosebee.

5th: GR NITE CH 'PR' Night N Days Dozer, male, owned and handled by Bengie Bengala, shown, of Kinsman, Ohio, 475+.

6th: NITE CH 'PR' Screaming Sallie II, female, owned by Don Salyers, left, or Larry Tussy of Grayson, Kentucky, handled by Don, 425+. Also shown is Art Seagraves.

7th: 'PR' Pee Dee River Bobbie Sue, female, owned by Douglas Rabon of Marion, South Carolina, handled by Justin Allen, center, 400+. Also shown are Cody Rogers and Matt Johnson.

8th: GR NITE CH 'PR' Fancys Stylish Nite Heat, male, owned by Lacey Johnson of Mullins, South Carolina, handled by Matthew Johnson, center, 325+. Also shown are Cody Rogers and Justin Allen.

9th: 'PR' Pout Lake Lydia-Mud Princess, female, owned by Mark Reincke of Marshall, Michigan, handled by Eli Hanson, shown, 325+.

10th: NITE CH 'PR' Klear Kry Psycho Minnie, female, owned and handled by Ken Risley, left, of Monticello, Wisconsin, 225+. Also shown are Kevin Peterson and Ken Hartley.

Old Timer's Cast Winner: Smackdown, male, owned and handled by John J. Monroe, right, of Glenwood, Missouri, 225+. Also shown is Monty Adams.