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2012 Grand American Friday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 01/07/2012 in Coonhounds.

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Friday, January 7, 2012

UKC Licensed
MOH: Dale Weatherford
Total Entered: 315

1st/1st Registered: ‘PR’ Stylish Freight Train, owned by Jerry Mark Risher, right, of Surfside Beach, South Carolina, handled by Dylan Smoak, left, 850+.

2nd/Grand Nite Champion: GR NITE CH Shonuff KNL’s Super Duper Soop, owned and handled by Christopher Brown, right, of Jacksonville, North Carolina, 750+. Also shown is Clifton Gray.

3rd/2nd Registered: ‘PR’ Chubby’s Little Lulu, owned and handled by Duran Link, right, of Lexington, North Carolina, 675+. Also shown is Ricky Link.

4th/3rd Registered: ‘PR’ Boggy Bottom Lil Fancy, owned by Dallas Morris, left, or Tommy Powell, right, of Kodak, Tennessee, 675+.

5th/1st Nite Champion: NITE CH Twin Oaks Trim, owned by Douglas Rabon of Marion, South Carolina, handled by Chad Rabon, right, 600+. Also shown is Jeffrey Bullard.

6th/2nd Nite Champion: NITE CH McGee’s Sailorman, owned by Greg Kennedy, right, of New Zion, South Carolina, 575+. Also shown is Josh Kennedy.

7th: GR NITE CH Squires Sick’Em Sam, owned by Brian Squires, right, of Sumter, South Carolina, 575+. Also shown is Isaac Lantz.

8th/4th Registered: ‘PR’ Briton’s Thunder, owned by Jody Britton of Kingstree, South Carolina, handled by Drey Brunson, left, 550+. Also shown is Tyler Crandall.

9th/5th Registered: ‘PR’ Fox Creek Rock, owned by Dylan Anderson of Grassy Creek, North Carolina, handled by Johnny Church, center, 500+. Also shown are Tim Smith and Jimmie Anderson.

10th: GR NITE CH CH 'PR' Bear Swamp Stylish Witch, owned by Rodney Donahue of Fairfax, South Carolina, handled by Tyler Donahue, right, 450+. Also shown are Porter Smith and Michelle West.

11th/6th Registered: 'PR' Collins' Timber Tracker, owned and handled by Kevin E. Collins, right, of Cameron, South Carolina, 450+. Also shown are Presley Collins, Chandler Brown, Robert Brown and Savannah Collins.

12th: GR NITE CH GR CH 'PR' Padgett's Bo Diddley, owned by J. Dewayne Padgett of Orangeburg, South Carolina, 425+. Shown is Steven Shinaberry.

13th/7th Registered: 'PR' Cranberry Creek Drama, owned and handled by Allen Storie, shown, of Newland, North Carolina, 400+.

14th/8th Registered:'PR' Dean Swamp's Stylish Sugar, owned by Tim Hutto, second from left, of Cross, South Carolina, handled by Jim Weathorford, 375+. Also shown are Luke Hutto, Ronald Rudd and Vince Duncan.

15th/3rd Nite Champion: NITE CH CH 'PR' A&M Coon Rip'n Bosshog, owned by Joshua Martin, second from left, or William Ashley, second from right, of Donalds, South Carolina, handled by William, 362 ˝+. Also shown are Black Morton and J.T. Rowski.

16th: GR CH GR NITE CH Big River Dan, owned by Mark Looney, center, or Clayton Looney of Colbert, Georgia, 362+. Also shown are Teressa Looney and Wendell Perry.

17th: NITE CH 'PR' Cypress Lake Stylish Hanna, owned by Flynn Welch or Andy Herper of Perry, Florida, 350+.

18th/9th Registered: 'PR' Flint River Bad As Billy, owned by Edward Moore of Colquitt, Georgia, handled by Eddie Moore, 337 ˝+. Shown are Ed, Eddie and Eddie Moore.

19th: GR NITE CH 'PR' Strouds Bearmeat Drifter, owned by Rocky S. or Brett Hall, right, of Coeburn, Virginia, 325+. Also shown is Michael Plaster.

20th: GR NITE CH 'PR' Miller's N.C. Coon Crazy Daisey, owned by Clyde M. Miller of Hudson, North Carolina, 325+. Shown are Richie Shatley or Len Cable.

Registered 10th: 'PR' Whats Up Doc, owned and handled by Zachary M. Bunch of Tazewell, Tennessee, 325+.