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2012 English Days Friday Nite Hunt
Posted on 06/09/2012 in Coonhounds.

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MOH: Anthony W. Ford

Total Entered: 228

Grand Nite Champion

1st/High Scoring B&T: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ McCoins Black River Buddy, B&T, owned by Chad McCoin, right, of Harford City, Indiana, 700+. Also shown is Brad Hile.

2nd: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Sailors Ugly Max, ENG, owned by Billy Wilks, right, or Lamar Turner, right, of Henagar, Alabama, handled by Jim VanPelt, center, 525+. Also shown are David Hankel and Paul Crowe.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH ‘PR’ Wipe Um Up Millie, TW, owned by Travis Morgan of Waynesville, North Carolina, handled by Tracy Thompson, left, 1,025+. Also shown are James and Tommy Thompson.

2nd/High Scoring English Male: CH NITE CH Evens Dry Creek Red Rico, ENG, owned by Eric Evans, center, of Michigan City, Indiana, 800+. Also shown are David Wilson and Steve Emery.

3rd: NITE CH ‘PR’ Hagards Indiana Chopper, ENG, owned by Tom Haggard, center, of LaPorte, Indiana, 750+. Also shown are Jimmy Evans and Eric Emery.

4th: NITE CH ‘PR’ Beebouts Skuna River Tramp, TW, owned by Matt Beebout, left, or Marion Beebout of Twelvemile, Indiana, 700+. Also shown is Jacob Roller.

5th: NITE CH Cobles IN BLK Queen, B&T, owned by Robert A. and Randy S. Coble of Walton, Indiana, handled by Jeremiah Melin, center, 625+. Also shown are Jordan and Damon Coble.


1st/High Scoring English Female: ‘PR’ Rocky Creek River Swamp Candy, ENG, owned by Chad Nay, left, or Charlie Kight, center, of Newcomerstown, Ohio, handled by Charlie, 825+. Also shown is Kodi Nay.

2nd: Johnson Creek Abby, TW, owned by Nick Imel, right, of Bluffton, Indiana, 575+. Also shown are Ned Meyers and Brad Kelly.

3rd: ‘PR’ Hydes Big River Georgia Blue, ENG, owned by Dylan Hyde, second from right, of Calhoun, Georgia, 500+. Also shown are John Hyde, Chris Cowles and Rory Cowles.

4th: ‘PR’ Pocket Rocket Sassy, ENG, owned by Ronald Masier of Rogersville, Tennessee, handled by Johnny Royston, center, 475+. Also shown are Jenna Royston and Steve Bennett.

5th: ‘PR’ Oakwood KY Little Lotto, ENG, owned by Ryan Chaffins, second from right, of Kendallville, Indiana, 450+. Also shown are Art Patrick and Pattie and Bobby Jennett.

6th: ‘PR’ Rusty Waters Gizzmo, ENG, owned by Jeremy Twigg, second from right, of Pennville, Indiana, 425+. Also shown are Seth, Izzy and Shawn Isch.

7th: ‘PR’ Reynold’s Marble Springs Molly, TW, owned by Calton Reynolds of Summerville, Georgia, handled by James Harris, shown, 425+.

8th: ‘PR’ Viper Creek Joe, ENG, owned by Shane Pack, center, of Cecil, Ohio, 400+. Also shown are Terry Goforth and Jerry Manson.

9th: ‘PR’ Thunder River Mack, ENG, owned by Rob Reid, center, of Bluffs, Illinois, 375+. Also shown are Justin and Brandon Reid.

10th: ‘PR’ Big River Cinderella, ENG, owned by Jason Reisert, center, of Georgetown, Indiana, handled by Jason Webster, right, 300+. Also shown is Rory Reisert.