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2012 Coonhound World Championship Judge Announcement
Posted on 07/30/2012 in Coonhounds.

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The United Kennel Club is pleased to announce the very capable Mr. David "Doc" Birdsall and Mr. Johnny Brinkley have been selected to judge the 2012 UKC Coonhound World Bench Show Championship. The show will be be held on Saturday, September 22nd in Shreveport, Louisiana. When combining knowledge of canine structure and anatomy and years of experience each World Champion hopeful can be assured their hound will be evaluated by two of the finest.

"Doc", shown above with a few of his Black & Tan hunting hounds. He and his wife Chirpie reside in
Gloucester, Virginia.

Dr. David Birdsall
“Doc” is a retired veterinarian. He practiced medicine for forty (40) years and now has time to enjoy the farm and his dogs. He got his first coon dog in 1968 and bought his first registered dog in 1982. He joined the American Black & Tan Coonhound Association at that time and has served on various committees.

Dogs bred and raised at his Dach Lair Kennel have won many distinguished honors throughout the years. Some of those included wins at Black & Tan Days, National Grand Champion at Autumn Oaks, the World Championship, the Overall at the UKC Winter Classic and the Overall at the Grand American.

“Doc” comes with the experience of judging dogs at numerous national events. Those events include World Shows, Autumn Oaks, the UKC Winter Classic, the Grand American and various Breed Day Events. His special interest is correct conformation and has written articles and given seminars promoting the functional good looking hound.

Doc has been selected to judge Round 1 of the 2012 UKC Coonhound World Bench Show Championship.

The Brinkley's, Johnny and Laquita have lived in the Tallahassee, Florida
area since 1959. This summer they will celebrate 55 years together.

Johnny Brinkley
The seventh of nine children in his family Johnny Brinkley was born in August of 1933. He was born and raised in Colquitt County, Georgia. This August 10th he and his wife Lequita will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary. In 1959 Johnny and Laquita moved from Moultrie, Georgia to Tallahassee, Florida where they raised three children; Steve, Pat and Doug. All three of their children now also reside in the Tallahassee area with their families.

Brinkley has hunted with hounds since he was old enough to follow his older brothers in the woods. He became interested in competition hunting and showing dogs when he got his first registered coonhound in1963. He and his wife, along with another local couple, started the first coon hunting club in that area.

Throughout the years he has shown in all the major shows around the country. And his dogs have either won or placed at most all of them. After judging foxhounds for a number of years, he became licensed by the UKC to judge coonhounds. His judging resume includes many of the major events such as Winter Classic, Autumn Oaks, the Grand American and St. Jude. Johnny also previously judged part of the UKC World Show as well as the PKC and AKC World Shows.

Brinkley says he “is honored to be selected to judge the Final Round” of the 2012 UKC Coonhound World Bench Show Championship.

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