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2012 Bluetick Days Thursday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 05/18/2012 in Coonhounds.

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Non Licensed Invitational Hunt

Champion: CH NITE CH Gabbys Tree Poundin Bocephus, owned by Brandon Gudgeon, third from left, 462˝+. Also shown are Marcus Leck, Mackie Manns, Dan Downing, Kali Risser and Russ Downing.

Opposite Sex: NITE CH Shepperds Northern Blue Abbie, owned by Mike Sheppard, shown, 175+.

1st Runner Up: GR NITE CH Hilltop Northern Blue Boone, owned by Brent Miller, center, and Kevin Ennis, Right, 300+. Also shown are Troy Salyers, Ed Mead and Terry Tucker.

2nd Runner Up: CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Stillwater Farm's Blue Image, owned by Craig Cooper, second from left, or Tom Jennings, left, handled by Zach Earles, right, 175+. Also shown is Matt Turner.

3rd Runner Up: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Hammons Old Salt Spartan, owned by Ron Behne, right, 150+. Also shown are Dwight Schoenherr and Cub Waller.

Non Licensed All Blue Championship Hunt

Overall Champion: NITE CH National Smokey River Ruby, owned by Marcus Leck, third from left, 537˝+. Also shown are Caleb Compton, Danny Hurt, Mike Hurt, Terry Here and Rodney Here.

Opposite Sex: NITE CH ‘PR’ Morgans Sweet Blue Music, owned by Morgan Robbins, right, 375+. Also shown is John Hastings.

1st Runner Up: NITE CH Hardcores Jed 9 Again, owned by Dan Rainville, shown, and Gerry Whitney, 325+.

2nd Runner Up: NITE CH ‘PR’ Timberline Hawk Eye, owned by Chris Clements, right, 237˝+. Also shown is Chris Day.

Young Guns Showcase
Junior Division

Overall Champion: ‘PR’ Mill Creek Blue SW, owned by Bill Richardson, center, 400+. Also shown are Ed Willis and Brian McGhee.

1st Runner Up: ‘PR’ Boomers Tree Jammin Jake, owned by Terry Tucker, second from right, 400+. Also shown are Troy Salyers, Ed Mead and Kevin Ennis.

2nd Runner Up: ‘PR’ McGinnis Blue Kelly, owned by David McGinnis, right, 175+. Also shown are Jacob Matthews and Riley Floyd.
3rd Runner Up: NITE CH ‘PR’ Reynolds Blue Blitz, owned by Nate Reynolds, 150+.

Senior Division

Overall Champion: ‘PR’ Fagans Coon Getin Ginger, owned by Jeremy Fagan, center, 575+. Also shown are Matt Turner and Chrissi Fagan.

1st Runner Up: ‘PR’ Gray’s Wild Blue Joker, owned by Tom Gray, right, handled by JJ Callahan, second from left, 475+. Also shown are Savannah Callahan and Madison Mosher.

2nd Runner Up: ‘PR’ Bullet II’s Code Blue Cricket, owned by Jason Stufflebeam, right, 400+. Also shown is Dwight Schoenherr.

3rd Runner Up: ‘PR’ Kaskaska River Blue Snoopy, owned by Jason Cooper, second from right, 375+. Also shown is Jacob Matthews, Jim Cooper, Mark Vandeventer and Riley Floyd.