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2012 Bluetick Days Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 05/20/2012 in Coonhounds.

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UKC Licensed Purina Points Nite Hunt

MOH: Robert ‘Bub’ Rose
Total Entered: 144

King of Hunt: GR CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Mad-Dog MO Blue Smoke, owned by Roy, third from left, or Tim Clifton, third from right, of Pleasanton, Kansas, handled by Tim. Also shown are Dana Byrd, Robbie Brooks, Lance Byrd and Mike Hayworth.

Queen of Hunt: ‘PR’ Blue Cotton Candy, owned by Norm Starling, shown, and Mark Hoverstock of Overton, Ohio, handled by Norm, 325+.

Grand Nite Champion

1st: GR CH GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Mad-Dog MO Blue Smoke, 625+. Shown are Mike Hayworth, Roy Clifton, Jerry Michael, Tim Clifton and Lance Byrd.

2nd: GR NITE CH ‘PR’ Smokey River Hemi. Shown are Kevin Breech, Wayne Crabtree, Wayne Williams and Nate Beeler.

Nite Champion

1st: NITE CH ‘PR’ Bellars Grave Digger, TW, owned by Russ Bellar and Brian Hartrum, right, of Peru, Indiana, handled by Brian, 1,000+. Also shown is Tucker Stein.

2nd: NITE CH ‘PR’ Backwoods Boogie, TW, owned and handled by Zach Bowersock, shown, of Mitimore, Ohio, 675+.

3rd: NITE CH ‘PR’ Tucker N Meads Blue Boomer II, BLU, owned by Michael Wheeler, right, or Jon Holbrook, center, of Ohio, handled by Jon, 625+.Also shown is Chad King.

4th: Chris Beck.


1st: ‘PR’ Blakes Ridge Rockin Shaggy, TW, owned and handled by Garrett Blake, right, of Millersburg, Ohio, 675+. Also shown is Conway Baldridge.

2nd: ‘PR’ Moyers Blue Dan, BLU, owned and handled by Wayne Crabtree, second from left, of Otway, Ohio, 625+. Also shown are Jeff Baker, Kevin Breech and Matt Moles.

3rd: ‘PR’ KY River X-Man, B&T, owned by Micah Ayers, second from right, or Trenton Coffey of McKee, Kentucky, handled by Micah, 425+. Also shown are Aaron Gray and Dean Miller.

4th: ‘PR’ Briar Ridge Blue Sage, BLU, owned by R.T. Stewart, center, and Kenneth Zuspan of Langsville, Ohio, handled by R.T., 412˝+. Also shown are Larry McCormick and R.T. Stewart.

5th: ‘PR’ Guages Blue Tommy Hawk, BLU, owned by Kenn Weller of Basher Falls, New York, handled by Jeff Jackson, right, 350+. Also shown is Dean Miller.

6th: ‘PR’ Blue Cotton Candy. Shown is Norm Starling.

7th: ‘PR’ Little River Poison Blue Spider, BLU, owned and handled by Wayne Poff, right, of Check, Virginia, 237˝+. Also shown are Jeff Poff and Ralph Poff.

8th: ‘PR’ Hickory Hill Pride, TW, owned by Oliver S. Close, right, of Nova, Ohio, handled by Eric Baldridge, left, 225+.

9th: ‘PR’ Lockdown Blue Dragon Fly, BLU, owned by Jon Holbrook, right, and Michael Wheeler, center, handled by Michael, 200+. Also shown is Chad King.

10th: ‘PR’ Grays Midnight Pride, BLU, owned and handled by Rick Gray, shown, of Otisco, Indiana, 200+.

High Scoring American Leopard Hound: King’s Crazy Spotted Lep-Err, owned and handled by Chad King, shown, of Warsaw, Ohio, 150 circle.

High Scoring Black and Tan: NITE CH ‘PR’ KY River Hobie, owned by Troy and Joe Coffey of Gray Hawk, Kentucky, 875+. Shown are Micah Ayers and Aaron Gray.

High Scoring English: ‘PR’ Walkin Tall Guss, owned by Daniel Strosnider, shown, and Matt McCallister, handled by Daniel, 75+.

High Scoring Treeing Walker: ‘PR’ Honey Creek Sarge, owned and handled by Eric Baldridge, left, of Prairie, Ohio, 300+. Also shown is Conway Baldridge.